Asking price
€ 5.100.000
1,000 m2

Cortegana, Spain

Property Description
Extraordinary Palace located in the vicinity of the Natural Park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche, in the Municipal District of Cortegana, with an area of ​​approximately 30 hectares. Its excellent topographic location of the farm and its surroundings, make it unique, its landscape attractiveness, allowing to appreciate the unique beauty of the surroundings of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.
The farm is located on non-urban land, It is therefore a "Rural House of Superior Category", the highest category granted by the Andalusian government.

The building application parameters linked to the exploitation of the farm and / or uses approved by the Urban Development Project, amount to 5% of the total area of ​​the farm.
The current construction has an area of ​​1,000m2, so there are approximately 14,000m2 additional to be built in a single-structure building or several.
The Palace consists of a very spectacular building, developed in two unique levels of which all its main rooms are distributed. It consists of an impressive entrance hall with vaulted roof, natural luminaire with geometric figures and carved natural stone floor, culminating in a cistern with water and an imposing door in natural wood and hand carved. After this work of art, the extraordinary central courtyard is covered, covered and heated through its perimeter corridors, which takes us into a paradise of unparalleled beauty, of about 200 m2 inspired by the Alhambra courtyard. We witness a beautiful and relaxing ceramic fountain of water, with an impressive central glass that makes us feel in a unique and different place, both in beauty and comfort and luxury, from which to enjoy.
Looking at this Great Central Courtyard, we enjoy five extraordinary rooms in Suite with dressing room and own bathroom, with spectacular views over the mountains.
Comfortable Living room with central fireplace, very spacious and comfortably located, since it connects with a private terrace, direct access to the dining room and very close to the kitchen.
After descending the impressive staircase and its wide panoramic views of the mountains we enter the SPA area with gym, indoor pool, steam bath, chromotherapy shower and Turkish bath, this being a reliable reproduction of an authentic Arab bath of the time.
In this second level of the room, and after the imposing door carved in natural wood, we approach the majestic outdoor area. Stunning panoramic views of the mountains reaching Portugal. Ample green spaces and a carefully designed central pool, it transmits sensations that are difficult to describe.

In the immediate environment, the distance to the nearest population center, which is Cortegana, is 1.7 km, being able to access on foot without major problem. Likewise, the access to the farm itself is made directly from the road.
The distance to population centers such as Aracena is 25km, Seville 120km, Huelva beaches 120km, Jabugo is 15km, Portugal 40km and its capital Lisbon 260km. Within a one hour radius of the farm, we have access to very important population centers such as Seville and Huelva, and services and infrastructure such as Seville airport, Huelva golf courses, beaches etc.
 The gastronomic, cultural, landscape and service diversity of the environment together with an Arab typology and its elements of weight such as the inner courtyard, the flow of water, the roofs, the openings of the house inland, .... All this linked with a use of materials and architectural elements very chosen, such as stone, wood, arches, lintels seen, ..., make the property unique and extraordinary.
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