Asking price
€ 432.500
128 m2

Kardinaal van Enckevoirtstraat 31, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Property Description

A spacious room rental property for five people of 128 m² with room rental permit. The property is located in Tilburg, within the ring in a central location.

The surprisingly spacious house features a building on the expansion, a large dormer and backyard with stone shed and back. The property is also equipped with plastic window frames and double glazing.

Note: The house is empty without tenants delivered.

The house is conveniently located in a quiet street within walking distance of shopping area ''The Besterd'', Central Station, the Railway Zone and the city center.

Without major renovation/renovation the initial yield will be around 6% (gross, minus g/w/e). After a good renovation the return can be around 8%. It is still unclear what exactly will happen with the new buyout protection regulations on January 1, 2022. With this object you can still buy an investment property this year with a good return.

Indicative calculation

Bare rent

Bare rent after renovation

Room 1

€ 450,00

€ 895,00

Room 2

€ 350,00

€ 450,00

Room 3

€ 450,00

€ 595,00

Room 4

€ 450,00

€ 550,00

Room 5

€ 450,00

€ 650,00

€ 2.150,00

€ 3.140,00

Net rent per year:

€ 25.800,00

Asking price:

€ 432.500,00 k.k.          

Indicative return without remodeling (only kitchen places ed.)


Indicative return after rental changes and renovation of approximately € 40,000


Indicative net rent per year after rent changes and renovation

€ 37.680,00




Kardinaal van Enckevoirtstraat 31
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