Asking price
€ 895.000
Rent P.A.
€ 49.608
250 m2
5.6 %

Brusselstraat 1, Antwerp, Belgium

Property Description

Fully leased yield property with commercial ground floor and four residential units for sale.

The ground floor is leased to a chip shop with separate entrance from the apartments above. Stairs lead to the apartments, each with one bedroom and living space with lots of light. The first, second and third floor are identical units and the top floor is located under the roof. The price of this property is € 895.000,-, and the  yearly rental income is €49.608,- which gives this apartment a potential of 5.54%. 

Investment information:
Asking price: € 895.000,-
Yearly rental income:  €49.608,-
Yield: 5.54%

The property is fully rented with commercial ground floor and four units for sale.

GF: 1.431 EUR/month
A1: 603 EUR/month
A2-A4: 2100 EUR/month

- 4 apartments
- 4 bathrooms

- 250m2
- Fully rented

Antwerp is strategically located between major European cities such as Paris, London and Amsterdam. It is an important economic centre because of its port, which is the second largest in Europe. The city also has excellent infrastructure and is well connected to the rest of Europe through motorways, railways and airports.

Antwerp is a major economic centre with a thriving service sector and numerous companies in the chemical, logistics, retail, fashion and diamond sectors. The city has a gross domestic product (GDP) of around €20 billion and has one of the highest GDPs per capita in Europe.

Real estate market:
The real estate market in Antwerp is very diverse and offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including residential, commercial and industrial properties. Demand for real estate in Antwerp continues to grow due to the rising population and growing economy. Property prices have increased in recent years, but are still relatively affordable compared to other European cities.

Standard of living:
Antwerp offers a high standard of living and has a rich history, culture and architecture. It is also a city known for its culinary scene and offers a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes. The city has a well-developed public transport system, green spaces and an extensive network of cycle paths, adding to its attractiveness

Brusselstraat 1
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