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Sell your investment property in four steps

  • 1
    Enter the data

    You enter the data of the investment property

  • 2
    Approval & payment

    Your listing is approved and you pay

  • 3

    Our system lists your property

  • 4
    Receive leads via email

    Leads wil contact you directly

After publishing the listing, the offer is further highlighted by:

  • Mailing to a shortlist with an appropriate search profile
  • Mailing to our network of 7,500 investors
  • Post on our social media channels (for an additional cost, an extensive media campaign is possible)

Sell now

Price per listing
excl. vat has one fixed rate for any listing 
€ 199,00

Advice and guidance from a broker

Do you want advice regarding the asking price, the sales process and a successful sales strategy? Ask one of our partner real estate brokers for advice. 

A real estate agent: 

  • Knows the local market
  • Has experience in selling investment properties
  • Gives insight into a realistic value based on comparables
  • Ensures a structured sales process all the way to signing the deed of delivery at the notary
  • Provides guidance and advice throughout the process

Request a brokers' estimate and receive an advice with no obligation to sell. If you choose to sell, the broker will charge a commission for the services that are provided.

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