Asking price
€ 1.850.000
497 m2

Suikerrui 30Antwerp, Belgium

Property Description

A leisure property and two apartments of approximately 365 m² in total with a 70 m² basement and a front of 7.5 meters wide in the city center of Antwerp. The property is located approximately 150 meters from the Cathedral of Our Lady. The Suikerrui is the street leading to the Grote Markt, a square in the city center. The ground floor is let to an Italian restaurant with a terrace .

During the renovation in 2018 the electricity, supply and discharge pipes have been renewed. The two apartments have been completely renovated and the bathrooms are finished with showers, toilets and bathroom furniture. The entire building is fitted with double glazing partly in aluminium and plastic frames.

Many dining and shopping facilities are located in the immediate vicinity of the object. The object is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest bus stop is located approximately 160 meters. The Grote Markt parking garage is located approximately three minutes' walk away.

Other Information

Provincie Antwerpen; Arrondisiment Antwerpen; Gewest Vlaanderen.
Inwoners: circa 524.500
Oppervlakte: 204,51 km²

Suikerrui 30
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