Asking price
€ 830.000

Zonza, France

Property Description
Now for sale in Corsica: a new villa in a small domain close to the beaches of Pinarello and 15 minutes from the lively Porto Vecchio. Only ten villas appear in this domain, each with six rooms and a private swimming pool in your own garden. The new villas have a modern design and are surrounded by the green nature of Corsica. A perfect investment for many sunny holidays on a paradise island off the coast of Nice.

The villas come with a ten-year warranty, so undisturbed enjoyment is included in the price. The new villa in Corsica is located less than 5 minutes from the beautiful beach of Pinarello and Villata. The domain can be found in the municipality of Zonza and is a perfect location to discover Corsica.

Corsica, the island 200 kilometers off the coast of Nice, is an enchanting location. Untouched nature, the most beautiful beaches, you imagine yourself far outside Europe. Nevertheless, there is a ferry every day to this island in the Mediterranean. The French think Corsica is even more beautiful than the Seychelles; at least it is closer!
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