Asking price
€ 199.000
Rent P.A.
€ 5.406
45 m2
2.7 %

Alt Moabit 73, Berlin, Germany

Property Description
Apartment Berlin of 44 m² with two rooms. The apartment is part of two buildings together with a total of 46 residential apartments in a wide range of sizes that suit all types of investments. This apartment is on the first floor and is rented out for €450.5 per month resulting an a 2,72% yield. 

Asking price: € 199.000,-
The approximate yearly rental income is: € 5.406,- 
Forecast gross yield: 2,72%

There are two buildings together form an elegant residential complex in an optimal location in the city. The facade of the building which faces the street has recently been painted a deep red color which gives the building an elegant look. Part of the building has tall and narrow windows typical for the German Altabau construction, and the other part has extra-wide windows – three standard windows wide. Some apartments with an elegant Parisian terrace and some are equipped with a spacious sun terrace. The two parts of the building connect and create an intimate interior space where a pleasant green backyard is housed. There is also a place for bicycle tying.
The building is optimally located within the neighborhood: the famous Shifra River runs from both the west and east sides of the building and can be reached on its banks in a short walk. In addition, there are several parks here: Ottopark, Essener Park and Kleiner Tiergarten. A short walk away is the Turmstrasse underground station with excellent transport links.

The Moabit neighborhood is located in north-central Berlin and is actually a subdivision of the Mitte district and officially belongs to it. The borders of Moabit are defined by three main waterways: the Spree River, the Westhafen Canal and the Spandau Canal. With the dramatic increase in prices in the recent years in Mitte, residents of the area have begun migrating to Moabit which is now considered the “next Neukölln”.

The development of the governmental district and the transfer of some governmental offices to this area are also accelerating the development of the neighborhood, with glittering projects of new construction such as the prestigious Euro-City project. The proximity to the Charlottenburg neighborhood is also a significant advantage and contributes to the development of the region and the rise in real estate prices.

In the neighborhood there are educational institutions such as the Technical University of Berlin, the Technological College of Sciences, the University of the Arts and more. This is a fairly green neighborhood, with many parks, with the largest and most famous being the Tiergarden (considered the largest park in Berlin) and the Fritz-Schloss Park. The area is very well developed in terms of public transport, and in addition to the many buses operating in the neighborhood, you will also find the U9 subway line and the S-Bahn (“ring”) ring lines. Adeka Center, Friedrichstraße and the Hauptbanhof train station are close to the residential area.

Alt Moabit  73
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