Asking price
€ 659.900
Rent P.A.
€ 13.894
85 m2
2.1 %

Großbeerenstraße 56 B, Berlin, Germany

Property Description
An apartment of 84,99 m² divided into three rooms, the flat accommodates various domestic arrangements with a monthly rent of € 1.157,81. As part of the building community, residents have the use of the garden whose groomed trails, picnic lawns, boule court and playground offer various options for taking breaks, hanging out and having a good time.

Investment Information:
Asking price: € 659.900,-
The approximate yearly rental income is: € 13.893,72
Forecast gross yield: 2.11%


It is a gem dating back to Imperial Germany, and an asset to Berlin as architectural landmark: Riehmers Hofgarten. At the time, Wilhelm Riehmer let his courage and visionary zeal as builder inspire him to bypass urban planning standards in favour of upscale liveability. Instead of pursuing a dense development of tenements grouped around tiny courtyards, the master builder created a lavish ensemble on his plot in 1891/1892,
embedded in a park-like garden. With attention to detail and the diligence of a heritage curator, the splendid heritage site has now been largely restored. It positively beams with its regained historic glamour.

The patrician façades shine with bright structures while the staircases are dominated by warm earthy colours. The entrance doors to houses and flats, windows and stair railings were overhauled true to their original historic design. Partially uncovered frescoes on the mezzanine levels illustrate the artful aesthetics of a bygone era. To meet sophisticated expectations, modern-day quality was seamlessly integrated. The lighting system as well as the bell systems complete the authentic design by adding upscale state-of-the-art technology. Water supply lines and waste water pipes were replaced, while heating and electrical installations were upgraded or replaced. A total of eleven entranceways named after scions of the Hohenzollern dynasty provide access to the various buildings of the baroque-revival complex. Thus, the entranceway at Grossbeerenstrasse 56 B, whose stairway will take you up to this tenant-occupied flat on the first floor, is called Berthold.

Kreuzberg is one of the most sought-after districts in Berlin and in recent years has become the trendy district for young people and families and attracts with numerous shops, bars, cafés, restaurants and parks and recreational opportunities.
In terms of real estate, the area is in high demand for both sale and rent, with the supply of apartments for sale in the area being low.

Großbeerenstraße 56 B
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