Asking price
€ 600.000
600 m2

Montegiorgio, Italy

Property Description
Villa Tacconelli consists of three distinctive parts; town house (225 m2) with terrace, office (75 m2) and workshop (90 m2). Furthermore, it has a large garage (75 m2) and storage (40 m2). All in a good condition although the workshop needs attention. There is a small city garden and a nice view on Grottazzolina and on a clear day you can see the Adriatic coast. The house is well maintained is can be (or in fact is) divided in two parts; on the first and second floor you will find a modern and well maintained house with an impressive marble staircase. Here you will find three large bedrooms. On the lower floor (below street level) is in fact a second apartment which is more rustic and traditional. This is the older part of the house with a very characteristic cantina still in the original state. Next-door, but attached, you will find the office with three large rooms. The owner, a lawyer, is still using the office together with his associates. At the other side you will find the large workshop; a huge and high open space of 75 m2. It has been used as a workshop by car mechanic but currently it is not used and empty. Below the villa, below street level, you will find a large garage and storage. Villa Tacconelli is a real multipurpose property and suitable for people who are looking for living space combined with commercial space. The location is perfect for developing commercial activities; on the edge of Montegiorgio and along the provincial road.
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