Asking price
€ 1.200.000
300 m2

, Quercianella, Italy

Property Description
Beautiful classic villa in what  in Italian real estate jargon often is called 'liberty style', but is actually Art Deco. The style is reflected in Italian architecture in the usual symmetry, high ceilings and windows, but with typical Italian features in tiled floors. Almost all the original materials are present in the villa, including beautiful hand-painted 'Caltagirone' floor tiles, which, together with the generous Mediterranean light, create a special atmosphere.
The villa is located just 600 meters from the coastline in a quiet residential area with lots of greenery and offers direct views of the azure blue sea from several positions. It is no secret for those who know the area that the climate here is particularly mild, comparable to the Cote d'azur or San Remo. The sea breeze is rarely absent in the summer, so that the nighttime temperatures are more than pleasant even without air conditioning, while the winter months are more like spring.
The spacious villa, built on 2 floors, stands on a plot of approximately 2000 m2 and is directly accessible from a small quiet road that serves the surrounding villas. There are 6 large bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, a large living room with stone fireplace and a total of 3 bathrooms. The bedrooms may offer more than enough space for the installation of additional bathrooms (en-suite).
The house is technically in order, with central heating on natural gas, an electrical installation in accordance with the standard and municipal tap water. The state of maintenance is good, although shutters and frames on the facade deserve attention (the sea wind has an influence on this).
A special object with status and charm in a special location for a very interesting price.
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