Asking price
€ 2.200.000
207 m2

Quelfes, Portugal

Property Description
An amazing villa located in the center of Olhão.Comprising a spacious living room, a traditional kitchen, office, several bedrooms, a backyard / vegetable garden and a fantastic garden surrounding the house.Very large spaces good for housekeeping and parking for up to 5 cars.Located just a few minutes walk from the Algarve outlet, train station and health center.Known as one of the first fishing towns in the Algarve, Olhão is recognized for the excellent quality of its fishing and seafood, as well as for the precious and unique islands that are visible from this magnificent city.The fantastic historic area, made up of the most wonderful villas in the Algarve, where its rooftops stand out, marvels all who visit it and falls in love with all those who choose to live here.Book your visit now!
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