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€ 12.000.000
3,000 m2

, Esporles, Spain

Property Description
A stroll around the inside of La Granja de Esporles will allow you to discover what life was like in an agricultural estate and stately home 400 years ago.

A large number of traditional crafts can be seen on your way through the mansion: from weaving to making oil, processing grain and manufacturing paper; occupations such as doctors and perfumers as well as several rooms dedicated to the day-to-day activities of the Possessió (kitchens, parlours, bedrooms, games rooms and rooms for children). At present the great halls of the Possessió are used as venues for all types of events and celebrations.
The exterior offers lush gardens with natural waterfalls and a stream running through the typical woodland of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains.
Various outdoor spaces are dedicated to caring for native animals, and other spaces are used to showcase crafts relating to the agricultural activity of the Possessió. The gardens of La Granja de Esporles offer an idyllic open-air space.
The estate that La Granja de Esporles now occupies was already very highly valued by the Romans because of the great flow of the spring, and even today it features a magnificent thirty-foot high natural waterfall. It was also of great interest to the Arabs who ruled the island from the 10th to the 13th centuries.
With the Christian conquest of 1229, the estate started its new life as a feudal Possessió until, in 1239, it was ceded to the Cistercian monks, who administered it for 200 years.
La Granja de Esporles is a mixture of stately and rustic styles, as it was used as a stately home but also as a farm estate (a Possessió) with over a hundred crafts within its boundaries. This combination of the stately and agricultural worlds gives La Granja de Esporles a unique charm.
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