Asking price
€ 175.000
Rent P.A.
€ 12.741
218 m2
7.3 %

Virulyweg 43 A & B, Almelo, The Netherlands

Property Description
On the Virulyweg, in the Turfkade West business park in Almelo, we offer two rented multifunctional business spaces for sale in a modern business center.

Unit 43A:
First floor: entrance, office space approx. 68 m².
Second floor: office space approx. 65 m². 
Parking spaces: 3 units.

Unit 43B
First floor: entrance, warehouse approximately 44 m². 
Second floor: office space approx. 41 m².
Parking spaces: 2 units. 

*The upper floors of both units are connected and leased in combination with the first floor of unit 43B. 

The Turfkade business park is located to the northwest of Almelo's city center. This area has been in use as a business park for decades and has an area of approximately 134 hectares. Turfkade business park is easily accessible by car and public transportation. The slip roads to the A35 can be reached via Schuilenburgsingel and are approximately 5 kilometers from the site. On the premises are such well-known names as Boels, Euromaster, Bolk Transport and Hoppenbrouwers.  

The property will be delivered in rented condition including the following facilities: 
- 2 overhead doors; 
- Lighting fixtures; 
- Flat concrete floor; 
- Fixed stairs to the 1st floor; 
- Central heating system (Remeha Tzerra);
- Airco(s);
- Fire hose reel(s);  
- Pantries
- Toilets, etc.
- etc. 

For the municipality of Almelo, this property is included in the current zoning plan "Noord Turfkade" and has the following destination: Article 4 Business - 4.1

The business units have energy label B which is valid until April 5, 2027.

€ 175.000,- costs buyer.

43A upper floor and 43B entire floor:
- Tenant: Geas Energiewacht B.V. 
- Start date: 1 June 2017;
- Expiration date: 30 April 2024;  
- Rental income: € 6,363.84 per year
- Security deposit: € 1,500   

43A first floor:
- Tenant: Kivourk Sierhekwerk en Laswerk  
- Start date: 20 February 2013;
- Expiration date: 20 February 2024;  
- Rental income: € 6,376.80 per year.
- Security deposit: € nil   

Total rent per year: € 12,740.64 

Bank guarantee or deposit to the amount of 10% of the purchase price excluding VAT.

Acceptance: In consultation. No rights can be derived from this property information and this information cannot be considered an offer or quotation. If you would like an offer, the broker can, after approval by the client, provide this on the basis of specific information.

Virulyweg 43 A & B
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