Asking price
€ 375.000
Rent P.A.
€ 24.003
90 m2
6.4 %

Albert Cuypstraat 201 H, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Property Description
For sale is a leased retail space of approximately 90 m², located on the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam. 

The property consists of originally two leased retail spaces, which have become one entity, located on the popular Albert Cuypmarkt. The Albert Cuypmarkt is known for its various market stalls, shops and restaurants / cafes. The busy market is open 6 days a week and attracts many visitors weekly. The shops are easily accessible by public transport via metro line 52 and tram lines 3, 12 and 24. 

The shop is leased in its entirety to Sportshop Peter Jan. The sports shop has been renting the shop since 2007 and the contract now runs until 09-04-2023. The total rent amounts to € 24,003.24 per year plus VAT. The property is located within the zoning plan De Pijp 2018, with as single destination; Mixed - 2 and as double destination; Archaeology 3.

The property is divided. There is an active VvE, contribution € 89,34 per month.

Rent situation:
  • The shop is fully let to Sportshop Peter Jan
  • Rental agreement according to ROZ model 2015
  • The annual rental income totals EUR 24,003.24 excluding VAT. 
  • Expiry date rental agreement 09-04-2023 
  • Particulars House numbers 199-H and 201-H together form the retail space of Sportshop Peter Jan. The property 201-H belongs to this offer

Albert Cuypstraat 201 H
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