Asking price
€ 1.550.000
Rent P.A.
€ 105.010
117 m2
6.8 %

, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Property Description

These are five traditional single-family houses, located in Arnhem-Zuid. All homes have been rented
to companies for the purpose of housing migrant workers.

Surface areas
Aduardstraat 12: approx. 118 m².
Bladelstraat 61: approx. 116 m².
Bladelstraat 69: approximately 116 m².
Helmondstraat 150: approx. 123 m².
Hillegomweg 56: approximately 110 m².
The square meters were obtained from old NVM filings. The surfaces described are purely indicative and should not be regarded as measurement certificate as per NEN 2580.

Cadastral indication
Aduardstraat 12: Municipality of Arnhem, section W, number 1833, size 187 m².
Bladelstraat 61: Municipality of Arnhem, section AC, number 8924, 127 m².
Bladelstraat 69: Municipality of Arnhem, section AC, number 9290, with a size of 131 m².
Helmondstraat 150: Municipality of Arnhem, section AC, number 6546, with a size of 169 m².
Hillegomweg 56: Municipality of Arnhem, section AC, number 6292, with a size of 137 m².

Energy labels
Aduardstraat 12: Energy label D, valid until April 11, 2029.
Bladelstraat 61: Energy label B, valid until March 10th 2025.
Bladelstraat 69: Energy label B, valid until February 2, 2030.
Helmondstraat 150: Energy label C, valid until March 28, 2029.
Hillegomweg 56: Energy label A, valid until December 18, 2028.

Rental information
The total rental income amounts to € 105,010 per year. The rental agreements and indexation letters will be made available upon request, at a time that is deemed appropriate by the seller.
appropriate moment, available.

All properties are located on a normal to good standing in the districts Elderveld, De Laar-West and
Vredenburg in Arnhem South.

Asking price
€ 1.550.000,-- k.k.

In consultation.

Seller will appoint the notary.

All negotiations are subject to approval by the seller. We reserve
reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time without giving reasons.

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