Asking price
€ 160.000
Rent P.A.
€ 12.188
74 m2
7.6 %

Groningensingel 753 A, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Property Description

Rented business space located at Groningensingel 753A in Arnhem-South. The property is located in the apartment complex 'De Kastelenflat' which has recently been renovated. The Immerloop park is located behind the property and the Kronenburg shopping center is approximately 10 minutes' walk away. Groningensingel 753A is 73.91 m² l.f.a. and is leased to a private individual who uses the space for medical research and employment related examinations. The annual rental income is € 12,187.80 plus service charges and VAT. The lease runs until 31 July 2023.

The property is easily accessible by public and private transport. There are two bus stops in front of the building and parking is free. The Kronenburg shopping center, which offers (non-) daily products and houses the supermarkets Albert Heijn and Aldi, is about 900 metres away. The Immerloo Park is open all year round. The park has several soccer fields, ponds and annually several events are organized.

Groningensingel 753 A
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