Asking price
€ 121.000
Rental P.A.
€ 10.620
177 m2
8.8 %

Beugen, The Netherlands

Property Description
Start of construction August 23, 2021
On business park Sterckwijck, located near Boxmeer, Vastadis is developing 16 business units for small and medium enterprises. The business park is accessible locally via the N621 and regionally via the A73 and A77.
The units have a beautiful modern and contemporary look and are finished with low maintenance materials. The units are multifunctional and flexible.
The units are intended for modern small and medium-sized businesses. For example, for use as a warehouse, workshop, showroom, storage space or workshop, possibly together with office space.
The rear 8 units have already been sold or given as options to various investors and end users. The remaining 8 units range in size from 143 m² to 177 m² floor area. These front 8 units will be equipped with a floor. The total height of the units is approximately 8 meters.
The purchase prices (to be increased by 21% VAT)
  • Unit 1 - 145 m² - sold
  • Unit 1b -143 m² - € 157.300,- v.o.n.
  • Unit 2 - 145 m² - € 174.000,- v.o.n.
  • Unit 2b -143 m² - € 157.300,- v.o.n.
  • Unit 3 - 177 m² - sold
  • Unit 4 - 177 m² - sold
  • Unit 5 - 177 m²€ 154.875,- v.o.n.
  • Unit 6 - 177 m² - sold
  • Unit 7 - 120 m² - sold
  • Unit 8 - 120 m² - sold
  • Unit 9 - 120 m - sold
  • Unit 10 - 120 m² - sold
  • Unit 11 - 120 m² - sold
  • Unit 12 - 120 m² - sold
  • Unit 13 - 122 m² - sold
  • Unit 14 - 122 m² - sold

There is ample parking around the building with 48 parking spaces. Loading and unloading will take place at the side of the building, so that the appearance at the front remains peaceful, partly due to the greenery.
Technical details
The units at the front of the building have a representative facade with (guest) entrance. All units (except 1b and 2b) have a large overhead door and a separate wicket door.
It is a sustainable building, which is also reflected in the applied floor, wall and roof insulation, HR++ glazing and the possibility of solar panels and a heat pump on the roof above the unit.
The units are delivered in shell form with a comprehensive basic package of facilities. The basic package includes:
  • Finished concrete first floor (1,200kg/m2)
  • HR++ glazing
  • Insulated walls and roofs
  • Preparation for the installation of solar panels and a heat pump
  • Overhead door (electrically operated)
  • Meter box
  • Possibility of advertising on the facade
  • In addition to the basic package of facilities, options are offered for more extensive completion.
The applicable zoning plan is "Companies, Care and Learning Sterckwijck Boxmeer", 2009. The destination is "companies with function indication up to category 3.2", as included on the "State of Business Activities" in the zoning plan.
The building with the 16 business units including parking spaces will be accommodated in an Owners' Association (VvE). The purpose of the VvE is to manage the building and look after the common interests. The building is thereby split into apartment rights, a buyer therefore buys an apartment right in which the business unit is housed. All owners are members of the VvE. The costs for the management will mainly consist of the maintenance of the exterior of the building and the grounds.
The aim is to start construction in August 2021. The project is an initiative of project developer Vastadis and is executed in collaboration with reputable partners including architectural firm Driessen Architectuur. A Vastadis business unit at the Sterckwijck business park is an excellent investment for the investor.
With the high-quality units an attractive gross initial yield of 6% to 7% on the shell can be achieved. In addition, the value of the property is only expected to increase over the years. For example, the prices of business premises have risen by an average of 5.8% per year over the past 5 years and by 3.2% per year over the past 30 years (source: ASRE based on NVM Business and Strabio and SriVAD). Investing in a business unit is therefore characterized as a stable investment with a favorable risk profile.
Also, the investor has no maintenance because the maintenance of the entire property is carried out by the Owners Association. Lease agreements for business units are frequently long-term, standard on the basis of 3+3 years (See: Model lease agreement office space / business space, Council for Real Estate Affairs (ROZ), July 2003).
All this means for the investor a very attractive return with a low risk and few 'worries'.
The units are free of rent and use and still need to be let.
This text is intended as an illustration. No rights can be derived from this description.

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