Asking price
€ 555.000
Rent P.A.
€ 31.610
344 m2
5.7 %

Minervum 7236 + 7238, Breda, The Netherlands

Property Description
Offered for sale are two rented business premises located on the
Minervum 7236 and 7238 in Breda.

The properties are easily accessible via the A27 freeway and have a total of approx.
A27 and have a total of approximately 344 m² of warehouse space with a partial office floor.
Furthermore, the objects have an overhead door and it is possible to park on
own ground is possible. The business units are located on the business park
"Hoogeind" on the east side of Breda.

The objects are rented. Quartz Holding B.V. rents number
7236 pays EUR 15,281.16 yearly rent. Holder Europe
Engeneering B.V. rents number 7238 and pays an annual rent of EUR 16,328.88.
rent. The total annual rent is therefore EUR 31,610.04.

The cadastral parcels are divided over the municipality of Ginneken, section N,
numbers 3718 and 3719. The ownership situation is full ownership and the
use of the spaces falls within the rules of the zoning plan "Hoogeind".
"Hoogeind". The destination of the spaces is "Business Area" and the maximum
maximum building height is 10 metres.

Asking price: EUR 555.000,-

For detailed information regarding the above mentioned proposition
we refer you to the contents of the Investment Memorandum and the online data room.
online data room. The dataroom can be accessed after signing the confidentiality
The dataroom is accessible after signing the confidentiality agreement sent by us.
Minervum 7236 + 7238
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