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Riethil 14, Breda, The Netherlands

Property Description
On business park ''De Krogten'' at 10 minutes distance from Breda-Centre " | Breda" is being developed. A multifunctional and sustainable complex with storage boxes for private individuals and small-scale business units for entrepreneurs. | Breda will consist of 236 storage boxes and business units ranging from 12 m2 to 24 m2, spread over three floors. Multifunctional use for freelancers, SMEs, hobbyists and private individuals. Also for investors an investment in one or more storage boxes is an attractive option.

DESCRIPTION | Breda will be a multifunctional business park: sustainable, safe and easily accessible. The project will be accessible 24/7. Security gets a lot of attention: the building is equipped with an advanced access control system (with key-tags), camera surveillance over the entire area and access through automatic gates.

Thanks to active park management, the appearance of the complex will continue to be of high quality in the future. The electricity is largely generated by solar panels.
First floor and second floor: ideal for entrepreneurs and private individuals
The storage boxes on the first floor and second floor are ideal for business and private use. These units have larger interior dimensions, making them widely usable as storage space for tools and materials, as workspace or as storage and packaging space for a webshop. They are also ideal storage spaces for an exclusive or classic car, a camper, trailers, your boat or household items. Thanks to a generous ramp, the second floor is also easily accessible by car and/or work bus.

Second floor: competitively priced storage space
The boxes on the second floor are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and private individuals who are looking for competitively priced storage space. The presence of a spacious goods elevator (approx. 3.8 m2) means that goods can be easily transported upstairs. The second floor is also accessible via a stairwell.

Additional facilities
- All boxes come with their own postal address;
- There are shared sanitary facilities and water connections available;
- All boxes come standard with a manually operated overhead door with burglar-resistant hinges and locks. Optionally, you can choose an electric overhead door with a remote control transmitter.

The storage boxes are standard delivered as follows:

Prefabricated concrete walls, finished with a light repellent paint.

A reinforced solid concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 350 kg/m2 and with a maximum vehicle load of 2,500 kg/m2.

- All units are fused to 16 amps 230 volts and have their own electricity meter to monitor consumption per unit.
- LED lighting on the ceiling and 4 wall sockets for units on the first floor and second floor, in accordance with NEN-1010 guidelines.
- LED lighting on the ceiling and 2 wall sockets for units on the second floor, in accordance with NEN-1010 guidelines.

Overhead door
A manually operated sectional overhead door in the color RAL 9010, fitted with burglar-resistant hinges and locks. Standard dimensions per type and building layer:
- Type A - B - C: (250cm wide - 297cm high)
- Type AA - BB - CC: (250cm wide - 247cm high)
- Type E - F -G: (250cm wide - 197cm high)

Optional: An automatic overhead door with remote control transmitters.

Natural ventilation by means of air vents in each unit.

The complex can only be entered with a key tag. All boxes are also centrally secured by means of camera security, whereby recordings are made 24/7 and stored for a specific period.

Furthermore, the area is completely enclosed by fencing and the complex is lit day and night by a sophisticated lighting plan.

In the project | Breda 9 types of storage boxes will be realized. The types differ in:
- The surface of a storage box;
- The height of a storage box;
- The floor on which the storage box is realized.

The different types of storage boxes can be found in the table below:

Mentioned prices in the brochure are free of transfer tax and exclusive of VAT (21%). The notary costs for the deed of delivery will be borne by the developer. Costs related to any financing procedures and mortgage deeds are borne by the buyer.

Notary fees for necessary client examinations and/or establishing mortgage rights will be borne by the buyer.

*Mentioned dimensions are outside dimensions.

De Krogten business park is located in the northern part of the municipality of Breda. The business park is surrounded by the Crogtdijk (northern bypass), the Terheijdenseweg and the river De Mark. Two important roads cut through the business park: Konijnenberg and Moerlaken. The location of De Krogten is unique: on the water and the railroad, near the city center and within reach of all city neighborhoods. A wide variety of companies are located on the business park of approximately 225 hectares, including well-known names such as Makro, Hanos and Hornbach. The approximately 250 companies are mainly to be found in the (chemical) industry, trade, construction and transport sector.

Modern and easily accessible
At the end of the 1990s a start was made on the renewal of De Krogten, as a result of which the infrastructure is now up to date. Restructuring in the most visible areas has greatly improved the appearance of the business park. This makes De Krogten a modern supra-regional business park that meets current and future quality requirements.

The accessibility of De Krogten is excellent. Via the N285 you can reach the A59 motorway. The A16 motorway can be reached quickly via Backer & Ruebweg. Various bus stations are located within walking distance, for bus lines 117, 122 and 123.

The common facilities in the project are as follows:

Entrance gate
At the entrance of the complex two electric gates will be realized which can be opened by means of an access control system.

Camera security
The entire complex will be equipped with camera security on each floor, with recordings being made 24/7 and stored for a specified period.

The entire terrain will be paved with bricks and pavers and landscaped. The terrain will also be provided with clear signage and routing.

A driveway with a total length of 20.4 meters will be built to the second floor. The width of the ramp between the guardrail is 3.57 meters. The ramp has a gradient of 19%. The transition slope at the foot and top arch is 9.5%.

Freight elevator
At the front of the complex, one freight elevator will be installed with a total surface area of 3.8 m2 and a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kg for transporting goods to the first and second floors. The goods elevator will only be realized upon completion of phase 3.

The storey floors will be fitted with steel floor grids.

The entire complex will be illuminated during the dark hours by means of a fully developed LED lighting plan in order to guarantee safety and quality of life on the complex.

Sanitary facilities
On the first floor a "wet room" will be realized with ladies and men's rooms toilet, sink and water point.

Technical room
A technical room will be developed centrally in the complex on the first floor, where the technical facilities will be brought together. In this room you will find, among other things, the electricity supply with all intermediate meters, PV inverters and installations with respect to complex security. This area is closed and not independently accessible to visitors and users of the complex.

Administrators' room
A management area will be set up on the premises. The janitor of the complex is responsible for the management and maintenance of the common parts and can be hired to handle complaints and malfunctions of the storage boxes. The janitor will be hired and managed by the VvE.

The roof finish is a bitumen roof finish with sufficient slope for the drainage of rainwater. The roofs are prefabricated concrete roofing floors with prefabricated ducts for the drains.

The rainwater drains are installed inside each storage box.

Two steel staircases will be built, one at the front of the complex and one at the left rear of the complex.

PV panels
PV panels will be installed on the complex, with the proceeds from the PV panels going to the VvE. The VvE will take care of the settlement of the proceeds in proportion to the share in the total. The starting point of the PV panels is that the power consumption of the entire complex (including the general power supply for such purposes as lighting, the entrance gate and the wet room) is recouped through the generation of power. Calculations for this will be made during the design phase of the complex.

Each storage box will have its own mailbox. It will be placed at the front outside the fence, so that mail can be delivered by the appropriate services at any time. This allows each owner to register with the Chamber of Commerce at the location and/or use the storage box as a mailing address.

Would you like to get more return on your assets? Or avoid paying negative interest to your bank? Then the purchase of one or more storage boxes in the project | Breda is a solid investment. It is a real estate category that is on the rise among investors, partly due to changing regulations within other real estate sectors and attractive returns.

Investing in one or more storage boxes is possible from just a few tens of thousands of Euros, with a gross return of 7.5%. The demand for small-scale storage and business units is as high as ever and, due to Breda City Council's ambition to realise 26,000 new homes by 2040, the demand for small-scale business units will only increase.

Investing in storage units is an excellent way of spreading risks and combining direct and indirect returns. Direct return through rental income and indirect return in the long term through possible value development.

Risk spreading by investing in different types of boxes with different tenants, whereby there is almost only temporary vacancy when tenants change and therefore never a complete loss of rent on the entire investment.

Investing without looking back
With | Breda you invest in a new construction project. This means that maintenance costs are limited for the coming years. Active park management contributes to maintaining the representative look. You have nothing to worry about. That makes | Breda a low risk investment with a high gross initial yield of up to 7.5%. Garage boxes are also ideally suited to be held as an investment in box 3 "savings and investments", meaning that no income tax, but a considerably more favorable rate as capital gains tax is levied on the rental income.

The rental prices per type of box are as follows. The prices stated are gross rental income and exclude any service charges and advance payments for utilities.

STORAGE BOX MANAGEMENT | Breda has realized a cooperation with Batenburg Vastgoedbeheer. Are you considering investing, but don't have enough time and/or inclination to take on the management tasks? Meet a real estate specialist who will take care of all your worries concerning the management of your storage unit(s). A specialist who professionalises your property management and is alert to all the facets you can think of in relation to property management. That specialist is called Batenburg Property Management.

What can you expect from Batenburg Property Management?
Batenburg Property Management takes care of the entire collection process and the invoicing of tenants. Rental income is collected in a business management account. As a landlord you receive a monthly rental invoice in which the collected rental income is forwarded after receipt of tenants.

Besides collecting the rental income, Batenburg Vastgoedbeheer takes care of the annual indexations, reminders are issued for overdue payments and Batenburg Vastgoedbeheer is the first point of contact for the tenants for all questions and/or malfunctions, so they can always be responded to at short notice.

Every property requires maintenance, even when leased to tenants. In cooperation with the janitor, Batenburg Vastgoedbeheer ensures that the maintenance is in good hands and that any defects and malfunctions are resolved in the short term.

Commercial management includes relationship management with tenants. We will hold discussions with tenants about possible lease extensions and/or modifications to the existing lease. Furthermore, we will direct the janitor to take care of the pre- and final inspections and (re)delivery with new and/or departing tenants.

If desired, Batenburg Property Management will endeavour to find a new tenant for your storage box. For more information about Batenburg Vastgoedbeheer go to

As a landlord you are entirely free to enter into partnerships with other parties for the management or to rent out your garage box yourself or through third parties.
As a buyer, you will automatically become a member of the "Vereniging van Eigenaars", which is still to be set up. The Owners' Association regulates such matters as common maintenance, park management, building insurance, liability insurance and fire protection.

In order to monitor the safety and quality of life in the park, the Owners' Association draws up internal regulations, among other things. The VvE, together with a professional VvE manager, is also responsible for financially sound housekeeping. Part of this is building up a provision for future maintenance issues and coordinating damage reports and repair requests.
Furthermore, the VvE is responsible for the annual settlement of the electricity consumption by the owners. Each storage box is equipped with its own meter for this purpose. The VvE charges the owners a monthly advance for electricity consumption. The surplus or deficit in consumption is settled annually in arrears.

When purchasing a storage box, each buyer pays a one-time initial contribution per box of € 150, - excluding VAT for the start-up of the association, in accordance with the established initial budget.

After the formation of the VvE, the members determine an annual contribution in a first general meeting of members. The role of the HOA manager will be fulfilled by VT-2000.

A user or external party will be assigned the role of "janitor" by the VvE administrator. The janitor will be responsible for complying with the household regulations, for guaranteeing safety and the quality of life on the premises and can be called in by owners and users (whether or not for payment if it concerns work on the complex, but not for the VvE) to deal with reports and faults.

The project will be realized in three phases. It is expected that the first boxes in phase 1 can be delivered in early Q1 - 2023.

In accordance with the current zoning plan "Krogten, partial revision 2006", the realization of this complex is allowed on the location. For the full contents of the zoning plan, we refer you to the website:

The stated dimensions in the project information are exterior dimensions.

Apartment rights
The land and the buildings to be constructed thereon shall be divided into apartment rights. Each purchaser will be the owner of an apartment right, which will give him a pro rata undivided share of the whole, with exclusive use of the unit(s) purchased.

Due to the division into apartment rights, each unit is separately taxed for the municipal taxes (OZB tax, sewerage tax) and the water board (water board charges). The division into apartment rights means that each business unit can be separately encumbered with a mortgage and/or sold/rented out separately.

The buyers pay the agreed purchase price for the business unit(s) in a number of instalments. The installment payments are as follows:
- 40% of the full purchase-advance sum for the acquisition of the land share in the whole, to be paid upon execution of the deed of delivery at the Notary.
- 60% of the full purchase price for the (dis)construction of the private parts (apartment rights), to be divided into the following instalments:
- 30% when construction starts
- 50% when placing the unit
- 10% when the street work is completed
- 10% upon completion

On payment of the first instalment (40% of the total purchase price), the deposit of 10% of the total purchase price will be settled.

A deposit/bank guarantee of 10% of the purchase price, payable within 3 weeks after signing the purchase agreement, or expired resolutive condition for financing.
Development in multiple phases
The project will be developed in 3 phases. In phase 1, 85 units will be realized on the 1st and 2nd floor. Phase 2 includes the completion of the first floor and 1st floor. Phase 3 includes the realization of 79 business units on the 2nd floor, accessible by means of the stairs and goods elevator. The goods elevator will not be realized if the 2nd floor is not realized.

Development conditions and sales requirement
The project will be realised in three phases, with phase 1 involving the realisation of part of the first floor and part of the first floor at the rear. Phase 2 concerns the remaining garage boxes on the first floor and first floor. Phase 3 the realization of all boxes on the second floor.

As soon as an irrevocable sales contract has been signed with buyers for 80% of the business units in phase 1, construction work will start, on the understanding that an irrevocable environmental permit has been granted by the municipality of Breda.

The developer has the possibility, without further financial consequences, to cancel the purchase agreement with a buyer, if no irrevocable environmental permit is granted by the municipality of Breda.

Changes in the design and/or use of materials, as a result of a requirement by the municipality of Breda or other stakeholders, can lead to a higher cost price for the developer. The developer then reserves the right to adjust the sales prices.

If desired, buyers who have already signed a purchase agreement have the possibility to cancel the purchase agreement with the developer, without any reciprocal financial compensation from the parties.

The supplier of the garage boxes provides a 10-year warranty on the garage boxes and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the Hörmann roller shutter doors.

Project notary
Linders Notarissen, established at Ginnekeweg 188, 4835 NH in Breda.
If you buy one or more storage boxes through the intermediary of Batenburg Bedrijfshuisvesting or Van de Water Groep - Makelaars en Adviseurs you will not be charged a commission.

Any transactions are subject to obtaining permits from the developer. Transactions must be submitted for approval to the principal or the developer of | Breda.

The information on the aforementioned real estate has been carefully compiled. Batenburg Bedrijfshuisvesting and Van de Water Groep - Makelaars en Adviseurs cannot accept any liability for its accuracy. You can also not derive any rights from the information provided. We emphasize that this information may not be regarded as an offer or quotation.

This property is offered for sale in conjunction with Van de Water Groep - Makelaars en Adviseurs.

Riethil 14
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