Asking price
€ 3.176.500
Rent P.A.
€ 303.366
1,532 m2
9.5 %

Landstraat 1 en Kerkstraat 19, Bussum, The Netherlands

Property Description

Investment property consisting of a retail space on the ground floor, a retail space on the first floor and 30 underground parking spaces, located in the centre of Bussum. The total lettable floor area is 1,532 m².

The office space on the ground floor is leased to ING Bank N.V. (972 m²), a Dutch bank which is also internationally active. ING Bank N.V. signed the lease agreement on 26 May 1997 and has been using the property since its completion in July 1998.

The space on the first floor has been let to Instituut HIP (560 m²). A homework institute with fifteen branches in the Netherlands that guides primary school pupils to students in learning and steering. HIP will lease the space from 1 November 2014.

The property is located in the centre of Bussum at Landstraat 1 (ING Bank N.V.) and Kerkstraat 19 (HIP Institute). The property is located at the beginning of the shopping street of Bussum and is surrounded by various catering facilities, retail and residential.

The annual rent is EUR 302.558,48 Both tenants pay a VAT compensation.


  • The property consists of a retail space on the ground floor, a retail space on the first floor and 30 parking spaces.
  • The property is measured according to NEN 2580:
  • Ground floor retail space: 972 m2 lettable area
  • retail space first floor: 560 m2 lettable floor area.
  • Building year: 1998
  • Energy label is made.

Rent situation

  • The space on the ground floor has been let to ING Bank N.V. The lease was concluded on 26 May 1997 and runs until 15 April 2028.
  • The space on the first floor has been leased to HIP Bussum B.V. The lease was signed on 1 November 2014 and runs until 31 October 2023.
  • ING Bank N.V. has a break option as of 15 April 2023, with a 12-month notice period.
  • The annual rent is EUR 302.558,48 plus VAT and excluding service costs.


The property is located in the zoning plan 'Centrum' and is delivered under the destination 'Mixed', with a function indication specific form of 'Mixed1'. Furthermore, the object has a double designation Value - Archaeology 1. The maximum building height of the plot is 25 metres and the maximum gutter height 20 metres. The grounds designated for 'Mixed' and 'Mixed-1' are intended for:

  • Retail trade;
  • Offices
  • Catering establishments; Restaurants
  • Social amenities;
  • Service companies;
  • Retail trade and related offices on floors. 


Bussum is a village of approx. 8.15 km² located in the Gooi region. With approximately 33,780 inhabitants, it is the largest place in the municipality of Gooise Meren. The southern part of Bussum is situated against the Goois Nature Reserve, which covers approximately 2700 hectares. Bussum is easily accessible due to its location on the A1 motorway. Cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht can be reached in 25 and 30 minutes by car respectively.


Bussum, the most densely populated place in Gooise Meren, offers a varied range to its visitor. Besides the well-known shops such as Hema, Kruidvat, Rituals and Blokker, the centre also offers various local boutiques and brasseries. There are also various facilities such as the supermarkets Albert Heijn and Jumbo and several restaurants. 


The A1 motorway is located on the east side of Bussum. Bussum is also accessible via the N-roads 236 and 524. The village has two train stations (Bussum-Zuid and Naarden-Bussum). Bussum Station can also be reached by regional bus from Utrecht Central Station, Hilversum Central Station and Weesp.

Other Information

Gemeente Gooise Meren
Internet: Gemeente Gooise Meren
Inwoners: ca. 57.000
Oppervlakte: ca. 73.5 km²

Landstraat 1 en Kerkstraat 19
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