Asking price
€ 299.000
Rent P.A.
€ 19.800
118 m2
6.6 %

Oude Langendijk 22, Delft, The Netherlands

Property Description
Leased retail premises in the historic center and within the core shopping area of Delft. The retail space is used by a tattoo shop. The Oude Langedijk is located directly behind the Markt.

The retail object is in a good state of maintenance.

The lease agreement started on 1 March 2021 for the duration of 3 years. Renewal of the lease per period of 3 years. 

The initial rent is € 19,800 per year excluding sales tax.
Tenants will receive a rent reduction during the first 3 rental years of resp. 
7.800,- in the first rental year, € 6.600,- in the second rental year and € 4.800,- in the third rental year.

Oude Langendijk 22
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