Rent P.A.
€ 140.004
4,114 m2

Vulcanusweg 271 273 en 275, Delft, The Netherlands

Property Description
On behalf of our client we hereby offer for sale the leased (triple net) industrial building with redevelopment potential in the future, located at Vulcanusweg 271-275 in Delft. 

The object is situated on a wide plot of 5,247 m². The building has a total area of approximately 4,113 sqm lettable floor area divided into a large business area, small office component and a company residence. At the front there is the possibility of parking on site.  The property is located on private land. The single destination is business park, up to category 2. 

The solitary object is situated at a unique location on business park 'Vulcanusweg', directly next to the redevelopment location 'Kabeldistrict'. The cable district is the beginning of new developments along the Schieovers. The ambition of the municipality of Delft is to develop a lively, productive urban district. Where working, living, learning and creating come together. 

The property is leased by PreZero Papier Kunststof Recycling B.V. The current lease agreement expires on 31 December 2022 and will be continued for a consecutive period of one year until 31 December 2023. The building is leased on the basis of a triple net ROZ 230a lease agreement. 

The current gross rental income is € 140,004 per year plus VAT. 

The floor area object nos. 271 - 273 concerns 4,113.52 m2 l.f.a., subdivided as follows: 
Industrial space: 3,843.20 m2 lettable floor area. 
Office space: 270.32 m2 lettable floor area. 

The floor area of object 275 concerns 270.32 m2 l.f.a. 

€ 140,004 per year, plus VAT (triple net rental agreement)

Municipality: Delft 
Section: R
Numbers: 1555, 2388, 2454 and 4411

The property is located on private land. 

A comprehensive Investment Memorandum is available, after signing an NDA you will have access to a data room. Please complete the response form to gain access. 
Vulcanusweg 271 273 en 275
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