Asking price
€ 185.000
Rent P.A.
€ 10.876
51 m2
5.9 %

Keizerstraat 217, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Property Description
Store premises with an area of 51 m² located on the main shopping street in Scheveningen. The property is currently in use as a Telecom store.

It concerns two adjacent business premises in the same block, respectively: Keizerstraat 217 and Kolenwagerslag 1.

The business premises are offered separately from each other. It is possible to buy both buildings together.

This property (divided into two separate units) is located in the district "Old Scheveningen" in the city of Scheveningen and built around 1902 (BAG info), which is located on the coast of The Hague.

Scheveningen was originally a fishing village, but is now the most famous seaside resort in the Netherlands. The property is located on the main shopping street of Scheveningen, close to the sea wall.

The property is easily accessible by car and public transport. There are various bus and streetcar stops within walking distance, which are connected to The Hague Central Station.

The Hague is easily accessible by car via the A4 (Amsterdam-The Hague), A12 (The Hague-Arnhem) and A13 (Rijswijk-Rotterdam) motorways and the N44 (Wassenaar-The Hague). Parking is public on the street.
Keizerstraat 217
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