Asking price
€ 935.000
Rent P.A.
€ 72.420
860 m2
7.8 %

Ridderhof 5, Ede, The Netherlands

Property Description
This is a representative, detached investment property in an easily accessible location in the residential area of Veldhuizen in Ede. On public grounds there are sufficient (free) parking spaces available. The building has a floor area of approximately 860 m² l.f.a. which is divided over the first floor and second floor. The building was built around 1996 and has a complete level of facilities. Currently the investment property is leased to 3 parties, namely a day care center, audiological center and a day treatment group for youth and education assistance. 

Rental income   
Approximately € 72,420 per year (reference date August 2021). If there is a concrete interest in this object, please contact us for more information.

Zoning plan: Veldhuizen B
Single destination: Public Interest Use
Function designation: Education

Ridderhof 5
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