Asking price
€ 143.000
72 m2

Kattendijk 0 Ong, Gouderak, The Netherlands

Property Description
This is a new development called "Uw Gouderak" consisting of 55 exceptionally high quality and representative business units, 43 of which are available for sale. This development consists of various types of units with available surface areas from approximately 75 m² to approximately 222 m², located on the Kattendijk in Gouderak.

The units to be realized are characterized by their traditional and characteristic appearance in combination with high-quality materials. Due to the rural character of this development, the units will have a saddleback roof. Future-proof is the word that characterizes this new development.

Each unit consists of an industrial hall equipped with an overhead door, wicket door and various windows. The possibility exists to realize (partially) a first floor for example for an office. Some business units have a standard first floor.

"Your Gouderak" is being developed on the Kattendijk, located just outside the center of Gouderak.

Good accessibility. The units to be developed are located near the Zuidwestelijke Randweg (Gouda) and within a 15 minute drive are, among others, the A12 (The Hague-Utrecht) and A20 (Gouda - Rotterdam) freeways as well as near the N210 provincial road (approximately 15 minutes, Rotterdam-Centre - Nieuwegein).

The available business units have 1 exclusive parking space to be allocated.

The property is suitable for various business purposes with a maximum function indication up to and including:
- units 44 up to and including 55: environment category 2;
- units 1 t/m 14 & 29 t/m 36: environment category 3;
- Units 15-28 & 37-43: environmental category 4.1.

The units:
Unit 8 & 9 - Type 1
Purchase price: € 181,500 n.a., total ca. 94 m² entirely on the first floor.

Units 3 to 7, 10 to 19, & 22 to 26 - Type 2
Purchase price: € 198,000, in total approx. 105 m² entirely on the first floor.

Unit 1 & 2 - Type 3
Purchase price: € 319,000, in total circa 188 m² on the first floor and second floor.

Unit 20 & 28 - Type 4
Purchase price: € 264,000 n.a., total ca. 150 m² distributed over the first floor and second floor.

Unit 21 & 27 - Type 5
Purchase price: € 143,000 n.a., total ca. 75 m² entirely on the first floor.

Unit 44, 45 & 48 t/m 51 - Type 6

Unit 46 & 47 - Type 7

Unit 52 & 53 - Type 8

Unit 54 & 55 - Type 9

Unit 29 & 43 - Type 10
Purchase price: € 368,500, total ca. 222 m² divided over first floor and second floor.

Units 30 through 42 - Type 11
Purchase price: € 209,000 n.a., total ca. 111 m² entirely on the first floor. 

For current availability please request our price list at 

Nota bene:
- square meters are approximate;
- purchase prices are exclusive of sales tax;
- Brokerage and notary fees are included in the purchase price;
- transfer tax is not applicable to new construction;
- Costs of financing and any purchasing agent are borne by the buyer.

Planning / Completion:
Construction will commence in Q4 2022, depending on the final environmental permit, weather conditions and a minimum sale of 60%. The delivery is expected to take place around the beginning of Q4 2023.

Delivery level:
The units to be developed vary in size and can be linked if desired.

The delivery will be in casu, so without (technical) installations (wind and watertight, the supporting structure plus complete exterior finishing), but already equipped with:
- monolithic finished concrete floor with a floor load of approximately 1,250 kg/sq.m;
- units with a storey floor have a floor load of 300 kg/m²;
- Clear working height of 7.95 metres (units without first floor) and clearance height of 3.6 metres;
- an electric overhead door;
- own front door;
- meter cupboard;
- Partly brick façade;
- Aluminium window frames with double glazing (HR++);
- Drainage point for toilet and pantry.

For a complete representation of the architectural delivery level, see the technical description.

Described in the technical description. Request this for more information.

Van der Meulen Kock and Ubachs Notarissen in Waddinxveen will supervise the legal settlement. The purchase of a unit will be recorded in a purchase and building contract. These agreements will be sent to the notary after which the notary will draw up the deed of delivery, also called the 'transport deed'.

The construction will be realized by construction company De Vries en Verburg from Stolwijk.

Price list:
Prices for this project are no-obligation, which means that notary and estate agent fees are included in the purchase price. The price list as well as availability is available at our office. Amounts must be increased by sales tax.

Any transaction requires the express approval of owner.

After receiving the available information, it is possible to take an option. This option will be recorded in writing after which buyer will transfer an option fee to developer. With the actual effectuation of purchase a so called purchase-building agreement will be drawn up between the parties. The option fee already paid will be set off against the purchase price to be paid. If the contract is unconditional the notary will invite the buyer for the so-called transport. For this the notary will draw up a so-called deed of delivery. Buyer pays the developer based on the date of completion in different construction periods through invoices the total purchase price.

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