Groningen, Westerbinnensingel 2

9718 BT


€ 825.000
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Magnificent investment property in a prime location with an eviction permit for 10 residents! A beautiful and unique property located in a beautiful location on the corner of the Astraat and Westerbinnensingel, just steps away from downtown and Westerhaven!

The property on the Westerbinnensingel was built in 1882 and around 2010 completely renovated to the needs of our time and adapted, without forgetting the authenticity of this location. The building therefore still has characteristic elements such as the original windows with stained glass, sitting windows, fireplaces and high ceilings. The spacious upstairs apartment (approx. 313 m²) is spacious and has 10 rentable units, including 5 spacious rooms with a private kitchen (2 have a separate living room and bedroom) and 5 semi-independent rooms / studios with private kitchen and private bathroom. There is also a large communal bathroom, two toilets and a spacious communal roof terrace. 

The building is in good condition and is well maintained. The common areas are cleaned weekly by a cleaner. The entire building is also equipped with a fire alarm system. The building is located on the corner of the Westerbinnensingel and the Astraat in Groningen's city center. Originally it served as the home of Mr. Niemeijer with the tobacco trade below and next door. In the 1920s, the building was commissioned by the Gebr. Hinrichs to have a store front in an Art Deco architectural style and was given residential and retail use. The building is designated as a Municipal Monument and is also located in an area designated as a Protected Town and Villagescape. 

The current rental income amounts to € 49,440 net and € 66,000 gross per year (reference date September 1, 2022). The 2022 rent indexation has not been implemented and is therefore still possible. The property is rented by rooms, including gas, water, electricity, TV & internet, washing machines & dryer and weekly cleaning of the common areas and facilities. 

The property is in fully let condition and will be sold and handed over 'as is, where is'. First floor: entrance / hallway with fire alarm system, access to (bicycle) storage. Middle floor: landing, room (approx. 14 m²). This room belongs to another room on the second floor. Second floor: landing, toilet, spacious shared bathroom (with shower, double sink and white goods connections), utility room with central heating system, 6 spacious rooms (approx. 10.5 m², 25 m², 27 m², 23 m² and 26 m²), two of which have a separate living/bedroom. All rooms have their own kitchen with gas hob, extractor and fridge. On this floor there is a spacious communal roof terrace of about 40 m². Second floor: landing, toilet with hanging closet and sink, 5 semi-independent rooms / studios (approx. 23 m², 23 m², 23 m² 24 m² and 24 m²) which are equipped with a private kitchen with gas hob, extractor and fridge, and a private bathroom with shower and sink.

All rooms have window coverings, their own doorbell and are equipped with a wall outlet with TV and internet connection.

- Beautiful and unique investment property;
- Top location in downtown area; - Characteristic building with authentic details; - Municipal monument; - Protected city and village view; - Withdrawal permit for 10 persons;
- 5 rooms, with own kitchen, of which 2 rooms with separate bedroom;
- 5 rooms/studio's, with own kitchen and own bathroom;
- Spacious roof terrace; - Indoor (bicycle) storage on the first floor;
- Fire alarm system;
- Extensive distribution board with 3-phase connection;
- Partial wall and ceiling insulation;
 - Heating by Remeha Quinta Pro (bj. 2010, property);
- Hot water through a second Remeha Quinta Pro (bj. 2010, property) in combination with a Remeha Aqua hot water buffer tank;
- Rental income (reference date September 1): net € 49.440,- per year, gross € 66.000,- per year;
- The rental agreements are available on request;
- The association is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and there is a joint building insurance. There is no other monthly contribution.
 - Acceptance in consultation and can be done quickly.

Property information


The Netherlands

Property Type

House / apartment

Last update


Surface area

313 m2

Contract information

Fully rented

List price

€ 825.000 k.k.



Cadastral city


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Westerbinnensingel 2

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