Asking price
€ 1.250.000
8,030 m2

Bovenpolderweg 5, Halfweg, The Netherlands

Property Description
Offered for sale is a development site totaling 8,030 m² of private land, located at Bovenpolderweg 5 in Halfweg. This location is included in the
This location is included in the Structural Vision 2035 which has been adopted by the municipality. Furthermore, the plot is not in use.

The development site is located next to the Bovenpolderweg and near the N200 between Haarlem and Amsterdam. This area was used by horticultural companies. This function has long since ceased to be exploitable here. Despite the fact that the location concerned lies outside the existing built-up area, the municipality sees possibilities for the development of housing in the long term, because of the already present buildings and the connection to the core of Halfweg.
housing. If there are no other spatially and financially realistic possibilities in this small area, the municipality wants to bring the area within the
built-up area and make it suitable for housing. Development of this location takes place with respect for the transition zone between village and country.

The parcel is subject to the zoning plan Halfweg 2007 with the destination Agrarian purposes B. The grounds on the map designated for "Agrarian purposes" are intended for agricultural purposes with the accompanying structures, including agricultural company residences, agricultural company buildings and open areas.

Asking price : EUR 1.250.000 k.k.

For detailed information regarding the above mentioned proposition we would like to refer to the contents of this Investment Memorandum and the online data room. The dataroom can be accessed after signing the confidentiality statement sent by us.

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