Heinenoord, Reedijk 7



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  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
  • Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7 Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7 Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7 Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7 Garagebox - Heinenoord - Reedijk 7
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The offer concerns five premium garage boxes at GaragePark Heinenoord in three different sizes and in partly let condition. The total rental income amounts to €15,572.40 per year (gross initial yield 8.7%).


Purchase price
€ 177,990 excl. VAT

3 x unit type 1.B at € 27,500,- = € 82,500,- k.k. (1x rented)

1 x unit type C at € 45,500 = € 45,500 k.k. (let)

1 x unit type E.3 at € 49,990,- = € 49,990,- k.k.


Rental income per year

€ 15,572.40 per year

1 x unit type 1.B à € 172,- = € 2,064,- per year (let)

2 x unit type 1.B at € 205 = € 4,920 per year

1 x unit type C at € 320.70 = € 3,848.40 per year (let)

1 x unit type E.3 at € 395, - = € 4,740 per year


Project notary: Hartman, in Amsterdam


About the location

GaragePark Heinenoord is located in Heinenoord, close to Rotterdam and in the municipality of Hoeksche Waard (87,191 inhabitants) in South Holland. GaragePark Heinenoord is located on the new Reedijk business park in the municipality of Hoeksche Waard. Approximately 65,000 people live within 15 minutes by car (mainly south of the Oude Maas river), not including Barendrecht. Many entrepreneurs and ZZP-ers from this area work in the densely populated Rotterdam / Barendrecht region, accessible via major arterial roads N217 and A29. GaragePark Heinenoord is very strategically close to this area.


About the boxes

The garage boxes are particularly suitable as storage and workspace. The boxes are accessible 24/7, have excellent accessibility and are very well secured (BORG-2). The boxes are used for various purposes. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, webshop owners and do-it-yourselfers rent (company) space at GaragePark to safely store their stock, tools, materials, trailers or to carry out all kinds of work.


3x Box Type 1.B | First floor (1x rented)

18m2: 6m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.5m (height)

Headroom 2m


1x Box Type C | Ground floor (let)

21m2: 7m (length) x 3m (width) x 3m (height)

Clearance height 2.4m


1x Box Type E.3 | Ground floor (rented)

24m2: 8m (length) x 3m (width) x 3m (height)

Clearance height 2.4m


About the GaragePark concept

The garage boxes are located at GaragePark Heinenoord. With over 45 locations in the Netherlands, GaragePark has been the market leader in the field of garage boxes at garage parks for more than 15 years. GaragePark knows how to distinguish itself from its competitors when it comes to safety and facilities, among other things. The garage boxes are located on a fully fenced and secured park with certified security measures (BORG-2) and connection to an incident room. Park facilities such as sanitary facilities, post box per garage box and a spacious goods lift to the 1st floor are also included. Thanks to its strategic location and the many advantages GaragePark offers its users, the boxes enjoy excellent lettability.


Why tenants choose GaragePark:

● Low-maintenance boxes at a highly secured and facilitated GaragePark.

● Multifunctional: the boxes can be used as storage space, workspace or business space

Secure: burglar and fire alarm and 24/7 camera security

24/7 access: always access with a personal keytag

Quality: GaragePark delivers high-quality units and materials

Spacious goods lift with load capacity of up to 1500 kg for boxes on the first floor

● Own mailbox on the park: your business mail not at home

● Solar panels: GaragePark is environmentally conscious and cost-saving. The park is equipped with solar panels and is self-sufficient in its energy needs

● Amenities: each park has a communal washroom facility with a water connection



● 10-year warranty on the garage box;

● Made of a durable concrete construction;

● Maintenance via VvE;

● Business rental and marketable;

GaragePark Nederland can mediate in rentals;

Limited vacancy risk due to lettability to a broad target group;

Units on an excellent secured park in the Netherlands;

Fixed value; maintenance-free and newly delivered;

Freely marketable;

Rental and administrative management possible


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Property information


The Netherlands

Property Type

Garage box

Last update


Construction year


Contract information

Partially rented (>50%)

Rental price

€ 15.572

List price

€ 177.990 k.k.



Cadastral city

Hoeksche Waard

Cadastral number


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Reedijk 7
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