Asking price
€ 519.000
Rent P.A.
€ 45.785
611 m2
8.8 %

, Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Property Description
Offered for sale immediately:

Very current investment object on A1 location - with a 13m wide front - located in the heart of Kerkrade.

Year built: 1940
Land Registry: Kerkrade K 3129
Cadastral size 549 m²

The property is traditionally built with concrete and stone construction, masonry facades, partly gabled roof with tile covering and partly flat roof with bituminous covering. All window frames are plastic with double glazing. Maintenance inside, maintenance outside and structural state: Good.

The living space and retail space are readily available for rent. The property is located in the approach road to the shopping center of Spekholzerheide (Carboonplein). The current tenant - Zeeman - has been there for a long time (2014) and fits well in the environment. 

The property is located in the zoning plan: Kerkrade West 1 and Kerkrade West 1 3rd revision. Adopted respectively 12 April 2012 and 26 September 2018. The zoning is described as "Centrum". The grounds designated for "Centre" are, with due observance of the applicable double zoning(s), intended for, inter alia, retail trade, businesses, restaurants, services, residences, offices, etc. Public law restrictions: None.

Akerstraat 71, 6466 HC Kerkrade
Commercial space cum store space on the first floor, size approx. 436 with own facilities. 
Layout: First floor: entrance retail space, sales area and facility areas.
Akerstraat 73, 6466 HC Kerkrade
A large self-contained upstairs apartment with its own facilities on the first and second floor, measuring approx 175
Layout: 1st floor: landing to 3 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.  2nd floor: landing to 2 bedrooms, living room, outdoor area. 

Financial data.
Total net rental income:

Akerstraat 71: Rented since 2014 to Zeeman textileSupers. Expiration date 31.12.2023. Extension with 5 years. Notice period: 12 months. Rent is paid quarterly in advance. Indexation annually in January.  Rent is payable quarterly in advance. € 37.250 incl. VAT per annum. 

Akerstraat 73: Rented as residential property by means of a fixed term lease for 1 year. € 15.000 per year.

The property is in a good state of repair. 
- Recently fully equipped with plastic frames with double glazing;
- The upstairs apartment has been completely renovated;
- Both objects have Scope-10 inspection reports;
- Energy label A for the commercial space and F for the upstairs apartment (before placing new window frames).

The asking price may be seen as an offer from price.
If interested we ask you to contact us by phone.

We ask you to be discreet with this presentation and the accompanying information. We want to point out that a visit and / or contact with the tenant (s) and / or the object only in consultation with Huurwoningen Parkstad can take place. A tour of the property is obviously possible but only in an advanced stage of the process, this is to include turmoil in the current tenant to prevent.

The Seller has used the property as an investment property, therefore the property will be sold and delivered 'as is, where is', that is, in the state at the time of delivery with all rights and obligations attached to the property, as well as any visible and invisible defects and without warranty of any kind, including those relating to technical, constructional, legal, fiscal, environmental, rental and commercial aspects of the property. The Purchaser expressly accepts the risk arising from the 'as is, where is' purchase and delivery and waives all rights arising from Articles 7:15 paragraph 1 and 7:17 of the Dutch Civil Code. Articles 6:228, 6:229, 6:230 paragraph 2, 7:20, 7:21 paragraph 1, 2 and 3 and 7:23 of the Dutch Civil Code will also be excluded in the purchase agreement. Given the 'as-is, where-is' nature of this transaction, the seller cannot provide any guarantees with regard to the (legal) condition of the property, with the exception of any limited guarantees as described in the title deed.

All information provided by our office regarding real estate should be regarded as an invitation to enter into negotiations and is entirely without obligation. All mentioned sizes and dimensions are only approximate. No rights can be derived from this limited information. If any documentation or website contains information that does not correspond to reality, the actual situation in which the house is located, as the buyer could observe during the visit, applies and the house is sold in this actual situation / state.

A (possibly) enclosed floor plan serves only as a global indication/visualization. No rights can be derived from it.
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