Asking price
€ 1.995.000
Rent P.A.
€ 129.780
6.5 %

Einderstraat 92 92, Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Property Description

Offered for sale are 113 garage boxes, of which 109 are currently in a rented state. The garage boxes are spread over three locations in the center and south of Kerkrade. In total there are three different types of garage boxes, varying in size. The types range from regular to double garage boxes and sheds. For more information on the types of garage boxes please refer to the IM.

The total annual rental income amounts to EUR 129,780 and the garage boxes are free of VAT. In total there are one hundred regular sized garage boxes, ten double garage boxes and two sheds of which one is used by two tenants.

The garage box locations are located on Einderstraat (1), Nieuwstraat (2), Kohlbergsgracht (3). All locations are equipped with a separate area where the meters are located and where there is room for tool storage. Further, the sites have a certified locking plan and multiple cameras. 
Einderstraat 92 92
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