Asking price
€ 390.000
Rent P.A.
€ 26.646
667 m2
6.8 %

Hof te Zandeplein 24, Kloosterzande, The Netherlands

Property Description

For sale is a rented pancake house with upstairs flat on a spacious plot of 1091 m² in total, with a lettable floor area of 666.61 m² in total, located on the Hof te Zandeplein 24 in Kloosterzande.
The property is a restaurant with several rooms and a large professional kitchen on the ground floor and a flat on the first floor. The upstairs flat contains a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.
The characteristic building is located in the centre of the village Kloosterzande on a square. Several amenities and parking facilities are located in the vicinity, such as a supermarket, cafe and a hardware store. There is also a camping site and a forest within walking distance. The object is located within the zoning plan Kernen Hulst 1H, with as single destination; Mixed - 3 and as double destination; Value - Archaeology 1.
The object is fully leased to a restaurant ('t Kabouterke). The tenant has been there since 2008 and currently has a contract for an indefinite period. The total basic rent is EUR 26.646,12 per year and is only indexed once. There is therefore still potential in the rent.
Purchase price: EUR 390.000.
For detailed information regarding the above mentioned proposition we would like to refer to the content of this Investment Memorandum and the online data room. The dataroom can be accessed after signing the confidentiality statement sent by us.

Hof te Zandeplein 24
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