Asking price
€ 175.000
Rent P.A.
€ 8.076
45 m2
4.6 %

Zeemandreef 41, Maassluis, The Netherlands

Property Description
Downstairs appartment in Maassluis located in a wanted quiet neighbourhood on a dead end street. The house has one bedroom, a separate bathroom, toilet, boiler room. The current tenant rents the house for over 9 years. 

The house was built in the late 70s and is made of concrete and the interior walls are made of limestone. The house is in its current state very simple. The Vve costs are €40,- per month. The costs for the Vve are not expected to increase much in the future. It is a VVe with 4 houses and has a tiled roof. All water and gas pipes are copper and surface-mounted. Sewerage is from PVC and there is mechanical ventilation in the whole house. The front and back (door) frames are made of plastic. 

Management of the vve is arranged by the residents themselves. 

Viewing is not possible because of private reasons of the tenant. There are additional photos available. If you are interested you can fill in the response form.

Zeemandreef 41
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