Asking price
€ 1.550.000

Voorstraat 241 243, 245, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Property Description
Unique development in the centre of Dordrecht.

The beautiful buildings are located in the historic inner city of the city of Dordrecht, part of the municipality with the same name. The municipality of Dordrecht has approximately 120,000 inhabitants according to the CBS. The properties are located on one of the busiest shopping streets in the city. The surrounding buildings mainly consist of residential/shopping properties and a number of tourist attractions. Some well-known users in the area are Action, Kruidvat and the Hof van Nederland.

Transformation of both the shop premises and the upper floors into studios (>40m2) is possible.

The property is located at approximately 3.8 km from the nearest motorway, the A16 (Rotterdam - Breda). This concerns approximately 10 minutes travel time by car. The nearest railway station, Dordrecht Station, is approximately 1.2 kilometres away. Trains depart from this station in the directions of Amsterdam Central, The Hague Central and Arnhem Central, among others. A bus stop for bus line 10 is located at about 150 metres walking distance. This bus has a direct connection to Dordrecht Station. A ferry terminal is located at approximately 800 metres' walking distance. From here, ferries depart to various destinations in the wider area, including Rotterdam.

The public parking in the immediate vicinity is paid (permit possible). The nearest parking garage is at approximately 400 metres walking distance.

Because of the monumental status (municipal), subsidies are possible from the Dordts Monumentenfonds (monument fund) and the provincial subsidy pots.

Property valuation (Febr 2020) available from Cushman & Wakefield for EUR 1.5 mio

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