Asking price
€ 217.940
Rent P.A.
€ 19.584
68 m2
9.0 %

Ambachtsweg, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Property Description
Invest with 9% gross initial yield in GaragePark Nijmegen!

Newly delivered garage boxes for sale with a gross initial yield of 9% and a one-year rental guarantee.

GaragePark is now in the largest and best-known city in Gelderland! And Nijmegen is the 10th largest city in the Netherlands in terms of population! In Nijmegen, we have once again succeeded in acquiring an attractive land position and maintaining current construction prices. 

The park will have access to 93 garage boxes in four different sizes on the ground and second floors. Below you can find all information about GaragePark Nijmegen.

Location and accessibility
GaragePark Nijmegen is being built on the Oostkanaaldijk industrial estate near the Energieweg/S100, the link between the A73 motorway (towards Tiel, Oss, Wijchen and Venray, among other places) and the new city bridge "de Oversteek" from Nijmegen towards Arnhem. From this location you can really go in all directions and accessibility is excellent.

The GaragePark concept is unique in the region.
For the people of Nijmegen and the surrounding area, GaragePark is an addition to the market. Storage and workspace in a fully enclosed and secured park with certified security measures (BORG-2) is not available in the region. Facilities such as a private mailbox and sanitation facilities at the park also make GaragePark unique.
Our market research shows that, assuming a distance of 10 minutes (by car), a catchment area of over 155,000 people is reached, including approximately 13,000 self-employed people who are relevant to GaragePark.

Security (LIVE surveillance)
We have recently added LIVE surveillance to our certified security measures (BORG-2). Each camera has in fact become a security guard who knows GaragePark and the house rules and who watches over the parks 24/7. Before anything happens, they see it happening. Partly because of its facilities and extensive security features, GaragePark stands out from other types of storage.

About GaragePark
GaragePark was founded in 2007 and has been the market leader in garage units for more than 14 years. At GaragePark you buy one or more garage boxes, possibly in different locations. These garage boxes are then leased to entrepreneurs and freelancers, generating a gross initial yield of 9%. Its strategic locations, the many advantages that GaragePark offers its users, and its intensive marketing and sales policy ensure that the garage boxes are highly rentable.

With the arrival of GaragePark Nieuwegein-Vrijewade, GaragePark has 39 locations throughout the Netherlands. You will find us in Almere, Apeldoorn, Groningen, Den Helder, Dronten, Etten-Leur, Nieuwegein, Purmerend, Uithoorn, Wateringen, Zeewolde, Tiel, Soest, Blaricum, The Hague, Bergen op Zoom, Schagen, Amersfoort, Roosendaal, Rotterdam, Venlo, Venray and Middelburg.

The garage boxes are used for various purposes. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, shop owners and do-it-yourselfers rent space at GaragePark to safely store their stock, tools, materials, trailers or to perform all kinds of work. 

Why tenants choose GaragePark:
  • Low-maintenance boxes in a highly secured and facilitated GaragePark.
  • Multi-purpose: the boxes can be used as storage space, workspace or business premises.
  • Safe: burglar and fire alarm and 24/7 camera security and LIVE surveillance (BORG-2)
  • 24/7 access: always access with a personal keytag
  • Quality: GaragePark delivers units of the highest quality and materials
  • Goods elevator available for boxes on the first floor
  • Private mailbox at the park: your business mail not at home
  • Solar panels: GaragePark is environmentally conscious and cost effective. The park is equipped with solar panels and is self-sufficient in energy needs
  • Amenities: every GaragePark has a shared sanitary block with a water supply. 
Investing in GaragePark: minimum cost, maximum return.
Buying a garage box at GaragePark is a solid investment with many advantages. The formula, which is unique in the Netherlands, offers investors many opportunities because of the excellent rental potential and the low-maintenance construction of the units. You have the security of your own real estate, because you are the owner and your ownership is recorded in the land register.

Some advantages:
  • Rental guarantee for investments greater than €150,000
  • New construction; delivery free to name;
  • 10 year warranty on the garage;
  • Attractive purchase prices;
  • Made of a durable concrete construction;
  • Maintenance through the VvE;
  • Business to rent and trade;
  • GaragePark Nederland can mediate in rentals;
  • Limited vacancy risk due to lettability to a very broad target group;
  • Units at highly secured parks in the Netherlands;
  • Maintained value; built and delivered new and maintenance free;
  • Freely negotiable;
  • Rental and administrative management possible.

Property information
Floor area

Box Type C Ground floor
Dimensions 7m (length) x 3m (width) x 3m (height)
Clearance height 2.4m

Box Type B First floor 
Dimensions 6m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.5m (height)
Clearance height 2m

Box Type XXL Ground floor
Dimensions 9m (length) x 3,25m (width) x 3,5m (height)
Headroom 2.9m

Contract information
Rental details
2 x unit type XXL à € 50,990 = € 101,980
2 x unit type C for € 36,990 = € 73,980
2 x unit type 1.B at € 20,990 = € 41,980

Total rent: € 217,940

Rental income per year
2 x unit type XXL à € 382 = € 111,980 = € 9,168 per year
2 x unit type C à € 277, = € 47,980, = € 6,648 per year
2 x unit type 1.B à € 157, = € 20.990, = € 3.768,- per year

Total: € 19,584, - per year

Gross initial yield: 9% + rental guarantee
On this offer a rental guarantee is issued for one year, whereby the return is directly guaranteed. Naturally, the number of units, the type of units and their distribution across various other Garage Parks can be discussed. For more information on the possibilities of investing in GaragePark garages, please complete the response form.

Purchase price € 217,940 L.O.N. excl.
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