Asking price
€ 450.000
Rent P.A.
€ 45.812
10.2 %

Zuiderzeestraatweg 253, Oldebroek, The Netherlands

Property Description
On the main provincial road (N308), accessible from both sides including by means of an access lane, we offer for sale: 

The RENTED, unmanned ESSO EXPRESS FUEL PUMP located on a plot of 349m2 own land. This SELF SERVICE petrol pump is leased to Salland Oil BV as Esso Express outlet and includes three parking spaces, namely 2x cars (euro/diesel and Suprême + unleaded) and 1x trucks (diesel).


The entire plot is paved, namely approx. 158m2 with liquid-proof paving and further (approx. 191m2) with clinker paving.
The buildings include a canopy of approx. 110m2 including two MBVP stations for Euro / Diesel / Supreme+ unleaded. Two payment terminals are also located here.
There is also a third stand (not covered) for Diesel / Supreme MY Renewable diesel (trucks).
Advertising column showing fuel prices. 
There are 2 underground tanks present, each of 30,000 litres, compartmentalised,
Tank 1: 25,000 litres of Diesel and 5,000 litres of Renewable Diesel;
Tank 2: 22,000 litres of Euro and 8,000 litres of Super.

Lease details:

Salland Oil BV leases the whole and takes care of its operation.
Current lease commenced on 01-09-2014 for a term of 10 years with a 5-year extension, therefore up to and including 01-09-2029. Tenant has already expressed its intention to continue the lease until that date.
Current rent amounts to € 45,812 per year, excluding VAT, indexed annually.
Cadastral data:
Municipality of Oldebroek, section AG, number 1479, measuring 3 are and 49 centiare.

There are 2 easements established for the benefit of the two adjacent properties, at the expense of the hereby to be sold plot to go and reach the public road.
Building construction year 2010, converted to Esso Express in 2018 where the pipeline network was also renovated.

Soil conditions:
A "clean soil certificate" was drawn up in 2000 following a soil investigation carried out (zero situation).

The lease agreement further includes the following:                                          

'Salland Oil warrants and ensures that the soil (soil and groundwater) at the time of re-delivery has not been contaminated as a result of the operation of the filling station during the lease in relation to the "zero situation" stated in clause 1 (5) and (6). Salland Oil will have an updating soil investigation carried out at its expense. Any remediation required as a result of operating the service station must then be carried out by Salland Oil in good time (within one year) and at its expense in accordance with the legal requirements in force at the time. Salland Oil will then provide an expert report at its expense showing the good condition of the soil.

Compulsory annual inspection:
The 15-yearly inspection of the tanks and associated piping will be at the tenant's expense.

Maintenance and repairs:
All daily and usual maintenance including cleaning of the leased property and associated installations (including delivery pumps and periodic inspection(s) of tanks and piping, the liquid-proof pavement and other pavement belonging to the point of sale, as well as the cleaning of gutters and separators and periodic removal of sludge) shall be carried out by and at the expense of Salland Oil.

asking price € 450,000,-- k.k. 
Transfer by mutual agreement
Notary Notariaat Pieltjes in Nunspeet

Disclaimer / additional information:  

This documentation is of an indicative nature and no rights can be derived from it. Although all information originates from what we believe to be a reliable source, Kok&Heijkamp Makelaars cannot guarantee its accuracy. Non-binding offer, intended exclusively for professional parties who have to do their own due diligence. Any liability of Kok&Heijkamp Makelaars shall at all times be expressly limited to a maximum of the brokerage fee related to this transaction. Any advantage in respect of transfer tax shall at all times be for the seller's benefit.

Zuiderzeestraatweg 253
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