Asking price
€ 865.000
Rent P.A.
€ 72.501
267 m2
8.4 %

Arendshof 48 52, Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Property Description
Retail space of in total 267.02 m² lettable space located in the Arendshof shopping center. The retail space has been leased for many years to Specsavers, the eye specialist. The shopping center was built in the nineties and has a covered parking garage.
More than 70 local, national and international stores are located in the Arendshof shopping center, including the chains H&M, Primera, Beter Horen and the Hema. The shopping center is easily accessible by public transport (four bus stops in the vicinity).
In December 2020 the municipality of Oosterhout purchased Arendshof II (concerns the rear part of the shopping center). With this purchase the municipality wants to play a decisive role in the transformation of the inner city. In total 9,000 m² of retail will be withdrawn from the market and space will be made available for the new city hall, apartments and spaces for services. Several tenants have already moved to Arendshof. Here a mixed area of stores, housing and social functions is envisaged.
Arendshof 48 52
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