Asking price
€ 695.000
Rent P.A.
€ 43.300
65 m2
6.2 %

Breeweg 22, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Property Description
Room rental property in the quiet district, Vreewijk in Rotterdam South. 
The building is divided into 3 flats, Breeweg 22B, A1 and A2 and is fully rented out to 7 people, mostly students, all studios are self contained.  
The building is in reasonable/good condition and is rented out to neat and quiet students, there is no nuisance.
The required permit is being processed by the municipality.

The Breeweg is located in the district "Vreewijk" this is a green district in the south of the Feijenoord area. Public transport is within walking distance as are various shops and supermarkets.
Vreewijk is the only garden village in Rotterdam. High-rise buildings are rare in the district.

The Groenezoom is the most important shopping street in Vreewijk.
In Vreewijk you can find several primary schools, secondary schools, Ikazia Hospital and several companies.
On the other side of the Strevelsweg is the Zuidplein shopping centre. The green Valkeniersweide ends in the beautiful Zuiderpark.

Vreewijk has over 13,500 inhabitants. The green and cosy atmosphere ensure that they stay here for a longer period of time, often even their whole lives
Breeweg 22
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