Asking price
€ 575.000
Rent P.A.
€ 29.547
228 m2
5.1 %

Wolphaertsbocht 193 A, 193B, 193C, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Property Description

One whole building consisting of three independent apartments with a total area of 227.7 m² located in the Rotterdam district of Charlois.

The area is subdivided as follows (according to NEN2580):

Wolphaertsbocht 193-A : 58.7 m² g.o.

Wolphaertsbocht 193-B : 56.2 m² g.o.

Wolphaertsbocht 193-C : 112.8 m² g.o.

Wolphaertsbocht 193-B is currently socially rented, 193-A will be released from rent as of May 3, 2021, but can also be rented. Wolphaertsbocht 193-C is still leased for approximately one and a half years to three students.

Energy labels:

193-A = D

193-B = E

193-C = E

The current gross rental income is EUR 29,547 per year.

An overview of the rental agreements and costs is available on request.

Wolphaertsbocht 193 A, 193B, 193C
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