Asking price
€ 540.000
160 m2

Oostkapelseweg 32, Serooskerke, The Netherlands

Property Description
Spacious 8-person recreation house with 3 parking spaces. 

We offer you this house located on private land on a small park "Stee aan Zee". The location is very central on Walcheren. Only a few minutes by car from the A58, the beach at Oostkapelle, the forest area "De Mantelinge" and the Veerse Meer near Vrouwenpolder. Also the historic town of Middelburg and Veere at 4 kilometres. 

Are you looking for your own second home on the coast? You can. You may use this property only for yourself. You have no rental obligation. Are you looking for your own second home but want to partly rent it out? That too is no problem. If you are looking for a fixed value investment with a high return on your investment, this is also THE CHANCE! 

You may also fully rent out the property! Property is well rented out! As for renting out this property. You may do this yourself. You are not obliged to give them in rent to a letting agency. If you want to outsource the rental, this is of course also possible. If you are looking for a returnable investment without worries, we have it covered for you here. 

Reputable letting agency can take care of the letting of your property. Park manager is appointed to maintain the communal greenery and outdoor space. And all other tasks required to keep it all in top condition. You can also subcontract to this caretaker tasks concerning the maintenance of your private property. So that even in your absence, everything stays looking perfect. 

Key points of this investment: - Recreational property with a good return. - Property on private land. - Property may be used for recreational rental or as a second home. Or a combination of these. - Rental of your own home you may arrange yourself or hand over to a rental agency. - Middle grounds with playground/equipment and parking spaces are in an association. Have the facilities but low monthly costs. - Property has 3 private parking spaces. 

Asking price does not include inventory!

Oostkapelseweg 32
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