Asking price
€ 6.500

Glasblazer, Stadskanaal, The Netherlands

Property Description
28 very spacious private parking spaces of 3.3 x 9 meters with lockable parking bar.

Unique in municipality Stadskanaal and the Netherlands! Ideal for the storage of campers, boats and other vehicles. Very rentable and easy to maintain.

On a very strategic location in Stadskanaal, Multicomplex is realizing 51 business units in combination with 28 private parking spaces of very large dimensions (almost 30m2!).

This location is very suitable for both entrepreneurs and individuals.

XL parking space with bracket (LxWxH) 9 x 3.3 € 6500,- ex vat v.o.n. € 40,- p/m

The private parking spaces will be executed with concrete clinkers in another color than the street work so that they are easily recognizable. For safety reasons, the private parking spaces will be equipped with a folding galvanized parking bracket with cylinder lock (with 3 keys) and a concrete foundation of approximately 300kg. Each parking space will have an aluminum sign with the text "Private Parking Space, prohibited to park" with its own number.

The VvE costs for these parking spaces are low (less than 5 euros) and therefore these parking spaces are very interesting to rent out (approximately 7.5% Gross Return).


Multicomplex Stadskanaal is a garage park with private parking spaces at Glasblazer on business park Stadskanaal. Business park Stadskanaal is located on the east side of Stadskanaal near an exit of the N366 and on the N374. Business park Stadskanaal is the largest business park within the municipality of Stadskanaal. On Business Park Stadskanaal are several large companies located. On this business park is both business and office space available.

Benefits of Multicomplex Stadskanaal:

  • Enclosed area (Heras fencing) with access control and electrically operated gate
  • 24/7 camera surveillance within the grounds
  • Good accessibility
  • Own ground
  • Shared sanitary facilities
  • Smart investment
  • Management by VvE
  • At purchase you only need to pay €500.00 per parking space until the moment of transfer!

Safe and affordable purchase at Multicomplex
Unlike almost all other project developers - where you pay 45% of the purchase price upon delivery of the ground, 30% of the purchase price upon completion of the foundation and 25% of the purchase price upon delivery - at Multicomplex you only pay a small deposit of 500 Euros. You pay this amount after signing the purchase agreement. The remaining purchase price only needs to be paid once construction is completed and your unit is ready for transfer. You pay this remaining amount to our notary who will take care of all legal matters concerning the transfer.
So during the construction you have longer access to your own money.
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