Asking price
€ 660.000
Rent P.A.
€ 46.740
348 m2
7.1 %

Berkdijksestraat 117 en 119, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Property Description
A unique large investment property at a central location within the ring with a return of 7%. Berkdijksestraat 117 has a size of approximately 230m2 and Berkdijksestraat 119 is a spacious room rental property of approximately 118m2, total building is approximately 348m2 . The plot is 405m2(consisting of plots Q2781 and Q2782). The house is empty without tenants delivered. If desired, it can also be rented.

Berkdijksestraat 119 has a room rental permit for 5 people

Berkdijksestraat 117 has a licence for the catering industry, this property is probably also convertible to 1 large house

Berkdijksestraat 117 has been used for more than 15 years as a cafeteria at the front and a residential unit at the rear of the plot (tenant cafeteria lives there himself). The building at the rear was at the time licensed. Currently, the tenant of the cafeteria lives behind the cafeteria, this part was previously permitted as a dining hall/stock room and falls outside the building area. If it turns out that living at the rear of the cafeteria would not be legal, it is possible to enlarge the catering area and turn it into a dining hall again. If the tenant terminates the lease, it is probably also possible to turn it into 1 large 230m2 residence and then you will probably realise a much higher rental income than €1,750 per month for Berkdijksestraat 117. The return will therefore increase rather than decrease if living behind the cafeteria is not permitted and the tenant terminates the lease. The tenant is happy with the business and has no intention of leaving at the moment. If it turns out that the residential unit behind the cafeteria is definitively legalised, the tenant will pay €250 per month more and only some adjustments will have to be made for better living conditions for the tenant (including placing 3 skylights and improving the fire separation at some points).

The return of 7% takes into account a purchase price of €660,000 and that also for €10,000 in maintenance is performed, so that the property again meets current regulations and room rental property inside is made a little tidier by painting etc.

Berkdijksestraat 117 en 119

Kale huur


Room 1

€ 525,00

€ 65,00

Room 2

€ 375,00

€ 65,00

Room 3

€ 375,00

€ 65,00

Room 4

€ 395,00

€ 65,00

Room 5 with own shower and toilet in the room

€ 475,00

€ 65,00

Berkdijksestraat 117 -Cafeteria with space at rear of property

€ 1.750,00


€ 3.895,00

€ 325,00

Total gross: € 4,220.00

Net total: € 3,895.00

Net rent per year: € 46,740.00

Asking price: € 660,000.00

Current yield (including €10,000 rebuilding costs): 7.0%
Berkdijksestraat 117 en 119
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