Asking price
€ 459.000
Rent P.A.
€ 32.940
120 m2
7.2 %

Oude Langstraat 3, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Property Description
Property has a room rental permit for up to 6 people.

A recently renovated spacious room rental property of approximately 120m2 with room rental permit for 6 people, within the ring in a central location with an initial yield of 7.2%. Two rooms are still rented out for far too low an amount, after a rental change a return of 8.6% is conceivable. A permit for 6 people is rare in Tilburg, making this property more valuable compared to the standard room rental properties in Tilburg with a maximum number of only 5 people. In this property you can therefore accommodate 1 extra person compared to the standard room rental permits.

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