Asking price
€ 700.000
Rent P.A.
€ 44.040
189 m2
6.3 %

Amsterdamsestraatweg 321 & 323, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Property Description
On behalf of our client we exclusively offer for sale the properties located on Amsterdamsestraatweg 321 and 323 in Utrecht.

The proposition concerns two room rental properties (both upper houses) with a total area of 189,10 m². Object 321 has an area of 87.70 m² and object 323 has an area of 101.40 m².

The property is located in the Tweede Daalsebuurt in Utrecht and is within walking distance of the shopping concentration along the Plantage. Currently the Municipality of Utrecht is working on a plan to redesign the Amsterdamsestraatweg, including more greenery and more space for cyclists. The immediate vicinity is characterized by similar apartment complexes, residential/shopping properties and (paid) public parking along the road. The property is located a short distance from the city center.

It is currently rented out to students and young workers. The total rental income amounts to EUR 44,040. The current use falls within the rules of zoning plan 'Amsterdamsestraatweg Gemeente Utrecht' and has only destination "Gemengd".

Purchase price: 321: EUR 340.000,- k.k. | 323: EUR 360.000,- k.k.

Factor: 15,9

For detailed information regarding the above proposition, please refer to the content of our Teaser and the online dataroom. The dataroom is accessible after signing the confidentiality agreement sent by us.
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