Asking price
€ 1.525.000
Rent P.A.
€ 74.075
300 m2
4.9 %

Oudegracht 243 243 A, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Property Description
Monumental investment property with retail and residential space located in the center of Utrecht at the Oudegracht 243-243A. The property with a frame facade, high gable roof and windows with arches of natural stone consists of a first floor and spacious yard cellar, rented to a Yoga studio. The four-story upper house is divided into three living units.

Because of the authentic glass facade, the yoga studio has a clear view through and a spacious shop window. On the side of the building there is an easily accessible staircase to the multifunctional yard cellar. The basement has a maximum height of approximately 3.25 meters and an independent entrance to the yard.

Each residential unit is equipped with its own kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The fourth floor contains the bedrooms belonging to the 3rd floor. The 1st and 2nd floors also have a balcony/roof terrace of 4.3 and 10.8 m² respectively.

Surface area 
Total floor area approx. 300.5 m², divided over:
Wharf cellar = approx 109 m²
First floor = ca. 55 m²
1st floor (living room 1 with balcony) = ca. 49 m²
2nd floor (living room 2 with balcony) = ca. 41 m²
3rd floor (room 3) = approx. 35 m²
4th floor (living room 3) = approx. 11.5 m²
Rental income
Gross annual rent € 74,075.44, including service charges and estimated vacancy. (value date December 2021). A rental overview with the current rental income and paid deposits per tenant is available on request.

The residential units pay an advance of € 100,- per month for the supply of gas, water and electricity. The Yoga studio has the water connection for the entire object in its name. There is an intermediate meter for water, for later settlement. There are separate meters for gas and electricity for the yoga and total upper house.

Cadastral data
Municipality : Utrecht
Section: C
Number: 8215
Size: 65 m²
Leasehold: yes, for an indefinite period (AV1989)
Canon: The canon has been paid off in perpetuity.
Current status: National monument, iconic building and located within the national conservation area "Inner City".

Year built
1450 (according to BAG).

Energy label
Energy label E.

The property is subject to the zoning plan 'Inner City'. The destination of the plot is 'Mixed-2' (Article 10 of the rules). Based on Article 10.1, under a, of the rules of the zoning plan, living is allowed on both the first floor and the upper floors.

According to the "Statement Destination and Use" of the municipality of Utrecht, it is allowed to use the floors for floor rental / single occupancy.

Asking price
€ 1,525,000 costs-to-buyer free of VAT.

Income and expenses
Settlement of charges (business expenses, namely real estate tax, water board charges, sewerage) as far as the ownership of the property is concerned, as well as current rental income and deposits.

At the buyer's choice.


As additional security for the fulfilment of his obligations, the Purchaser shall, at his option, pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price into the account of, or as a bank guarantee to be deposited with, the Notary. This security must be deposited within one week after the expiry of any resolutive conditions.

As is, where is
The real estate shall be delivered in accordance with the "as is where is" principle. The "as is, where is" delivery means that the immovable property is delivered by the seller and accepted by the buyer in the current state at the signing of the deed of delivery, this means that the buyer will receive the immovable property in the legal, fiscal, technical and environmental state as it is at the signing of the deed of delivery, with all known and unknown, visible and invisible defects and limitations and with the actual use at that time, whereby the seller should not make any other (implicit) statements or guarantees with regard to any aspect of the immovable property. That is to say, also in the condition at the time of delivery with all rights and obligations attached to the property, as well as any visible and invisible defects and without warranty of any kind, including those relating to technical, constructional, legal, fiscal, environmental, rental and commercial aspects of the property

Ageing clause
The Purchaser declares to be aware that this property (and outbuildings) is old, which means that the requirements for construction quality are lower than for new(er) homes. The Seller is not responsible for the foundation, floors, electricity, water and gas, the sewerage and the presence of penetrating and/or rising damp.

Architectural defects shall not be deemed to impede the (residential) use described in Article 6.3 (of the deed of purchase) and, with effect from the date of transfer of title, the Purchaser shall indemnify the Seller against any known and unknown defects, whether visible or invisible.

Not self-occupied
Seller has not used the property himself. The Seller has expressly drawn the attention of the Purchaser to the fact that he has never actually used the property himself and therefore has not been able to inform the Purchaser of any properties or defects of the property of which he would have been aware if he had actually used the property himself. In this context the parties have expressly agreed that such characteristics and/or defects are at the Purchaser's risk and expense and that these were taken into account when determining the purchase price. To limit this risk, the Seller has given the Purchaser the opportunity to carry out an architectural inspection.

The Purchaser declares that he is aware that, at the time of the construction or renovation of the property, it was normal practice to incorporate materials containing asbestos in the building, including in (smoke) ducts, roof (panelling), wall panels and near heating and hot water appliances. The Purchaser accepts the possible presence of such materials in the sold property. In the event of any removal of asbestos-containing materials, special measures must be taken on the basis of environmental legislation. The Purchaser declares that he is aware of this and indemnifies the Seller against all liability that may arise from the presence of any asbestos-containing material in the real estate.

After signing the confidentiality agreement, access to the digital data room can be obtained.

Final award to owner.

Court fee
Waltmann Bedrijfshuisvesting acts exclusively as an advisor to the seller in this process. The buyer does not owe us any costs or commission.

Request for discretion
We ask you to treat this offer with discretion and to initially only view the investment property from the outside.

We expressly point out that any viewing/inspection and/or contact with the tenant can only take place in consultation with Waltmann staff.
Our office and our services are subject to the
We are therefore obliged to identify and verify the identity of every buyer, as well as the origin of the property, before entering into negotiations.

In the case of a natural person, we would therefore like to receive a copy of an identity document and a statement regarding the origin of the assets when making an offer.

In case of a legal entity we would like to receive in advance a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce, a UBO declaration, a declaration of origin of assets and the identity papers of all UBO(s). We are obliged to carry out a client investigation into all UBOs before we can process bids.

The information contained in this memorandum is confidential and intended solely for the guidance of potential buyers. This information should not be shared with anyone other than parties directly instructed by a potential buyer to assist in the potential purchase. Certain documents and information are displayed and/or summarized in this Investment Memorandum.

Waltmann Bedrijfshuisvesting BV and the Seller do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein.
Interested parties are expected to study the full original documents on which the summaries and other information is based as well as other documents that are in any way relevant and cannot rely solely on the information contained in this Investment Memorandum. We do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information contained in this Investment Memorandum.

Oudegracht 243 243 A
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