Asking price
€ 745.000
Rent P.A.
€ 41.760
256 m2
5.6 %

Nieuweweg 37 Vendelseweg 2A, 2B & 2C, Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Property Description

Within walking distance of the center and one minute from the A12 freeway is located this small-scale municipal monument with four totally renovated apartments (2020/2021) with a total of 256 m² net rentable area.

These four apartments have been totally renovated on the inside and partly outside. Replaced/restored: window frames, double glazing, central heating, electrics / meters / group boxes, central heating boilers, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens including appliances, flooring, fire doors / locks, connected smoke detectors, exterior facade partly replaced and restored and various lead work. 

The apartments are licensed and all have their own address. The apartments can still be divided by cadastre and then sold separately. 

The ground floor apartments at Nieuweweg 37 have their own entrance at the front. The other apartments share an entrance at the rear on Vendelseweg. 


  • Nieuweweg 37: 4-room apartment, 100 m² - current rent € 1,230 per month. Will be delivered empty. 
  • Vendelseweg 2A: 2-room apartment 54 m² - current rent € 750,- per month. Fixed term rental contract. 
  • Vendelseweg 2B: 3-room apartment 66 m² - total rent € 950,- per month. Will be delivered empty. 
  • Vendelseweg 2C: 2-room apartment 36 m² - total rent € 550,- per month. Rent for an indefinite period.
  • Total gross rent per year: € 41,760, partly estimated.

Nieuweweg 37 Vendelseweg 2A, 2B & 2C
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