Asking price
€ 119.500
Rent P.A.
€ 10.200
100 m2
8.5 %

Anna van Hoevellstraat , Wageningen, The Netherlands

Property Description

For sale 12 luxury business units, according to proven, high quality Solid Business Park concept! 

Business units including full floor for sale from € 119.950, - excluding VAT. 


After the successful sale of the 52 Solid Business Park new business units in Amersfoort, this proven concept is now available in Wageningen. The design has been adapted to the new surroundings but the building quality and other core values have been retained. The Solid Business Park will be realized in the Nude Park II business park, located directly on the main entrance road to the newly developed Nude Park II business park. 

Solid high quality buildings with well thought out architecture. These include Accoya (or equivalent, or product with a similar appearance) durable wooden facade embellishment () masonry, premium Hörmann overhead doors () and fully concrete / limestone shell. 

The business premises are sustainably built, have their own entrance, overhead door and at least 2 private parking spaces and have a good and sustainable appearance. The accessibility is excellent. 

The project consists of 12 business units with a ground floor area of approximately 10 x 5 meters and has a ceiling height of 3.45 meters! In addition, the unit will be equipped with a concrete floor, also approximately 10 x 5 meters. This gives you a floor area of approximately 100 m² for a standard unit. You can also compose your own unit in terms of floor area. Standard is 50 m², but 100-200-300 m² or all sizes in between are negotiable in consultation with the contractor. 

Because of the high-quality construction method and the representative appearance, the units are suitable for a very broad target group. From gardener to accountant, from webshop to business storage space, from Yoga studio to Personal Training, but the possibilities also include, for example, a teleworkstation on the office floor combined with storage of your household goods/boat/caravan/motorbike/'mancave' on the first floor with overhead door. The possibilities are endless. 

In addition, you can think of fully or partially renting out the business unit. A stable investment with an attractive return! No high 8% transfer tax as with an investment in existing housing. No negative interest on your savings. A beautiful real estate object, built according to the latest architectural requirements! 

The prices of the units start at € 119.950, - name brand excluding VAT, including concrete floor over entire floor + at least 2 private parking spaces. 

Together with the current interest rate, this is an interesting offer. If you buy this business unit as a Box 3 investment in private, please ask your accountant about the possibilities of fully recovering the VAT! There are also facilities for entrepreneurs around investment deduction, ask your accountant. 


These beautiful newly built units are located at the representative business park Nude Park II in Wageningen. The building is located in the heart of the 'Food Valley' of Wageningen, directly near the Campus of Wageningen University & Research. The property is accessible from the A12 (The Hague-Arnhem) and A50 (Zwolle-Arnhem) motorways via the main arterial roads N781 (Ede-Wageningen) and N225 (Rhenen-Arnhem). The property is also easily accessible by public transport. 

Floor area 

In Solid Business Park Wageningen a total of 12 units will be realized. The total surface area of a unit is from approximately 100 m². This is distributed as follows: 

First floor: 50 m²

Second floor: 50 m²

Total: 100 sqm lettable area. 

The units can be linked, if you need more m², in consultation with the contractor. 


The units are delivered unfinished, additional modifications at the request of buyers are possible. The construction drawings are used for the permit application, some things drawn in (such as the kitchen) are not part of the hull delivery. 


Sale is subject to the '70% sold scheme' and final approval of the municipality, all this as described in the present contract. 

Purchase price 

The purchase price for an air-conditioned business unit: from € 119,950, - no-obligation, excluding VAT. Corner units from € 132.950, - without reservation, excluding VAT. Sale is explicitly subject to the vendor's approval. 

Predicted rent

  • Intermediate units: € 850 per month / € 10,200 per year;
  • Corner units: € 950 per month / € 11,400 per year.


Each unit has 2 private parking spaces, two of the front corner units have 3 private parking spaces. 

Service costs 

The buyer will be the contracting party for the utility companies. The available utility connections will be brought into the meter box. 


The starting point is a purchase price taxed with VAT. Therefore, the purchase price must be increased by the applicable VAT percentage. 


Guarantee of 10% of the agreed purchase price. We will ask you to pay this deposit, in accordance with the deed of sale, into the trust account of the notary's office V.B.C. Notarissen. The contract price will be divided into so-called construction periods. The contractor will only charge the relevant construction period when the part of the construction concerned is actually completed (example: foundation and first floor completed, then you will receive an invoice of, for example, 15% of the total construction cost). 

The Solid Business Park concept 

In contrast to many similar projects, Solid Business Park strives to distinguish itself on the following points: 

  • The second floor is a so called residential area (see floor plans construction drawing) instead of the usual function indication "light industry". Because of the function indication living space, there is sufficient attention in the shell delivery to aspects such as fire safety, sufficient daylight, wall insulation and vents in the windows so that future use as an office is possible. 
  • Concrete roof, more than meets fire regulations and suitable for easy placement of heat pump, air conditioning unit or solar panels. 
  • Concrete roofs have the advantage that the unit heats up less in summer than the usual steel profile roofs. 
  • Monolithic concrete first floor. 
  • Each business unit is provided with an insulated crawl space instead of a sand-filled floor. This gives optimal freedom for the installation of pipes and drains. 
  • Sand-lime brick partition walls (approx. 21 cm thick). 
  • Complete concrete floor with wooden stairs. 
  • Floor is finished with a cement floor of 50 mm thick. 
  • Extremely high insulation values in accordance with current requirements of the building regulations. 
  • Preparations for underfloor heating in combination with, for example, a heat pump and solar panels. 
  • PIR roof insulation instead of the usual EPS (white styrofoam) in combination with PVC roofing, long life, high insulation value and prepared for solar panels. 
  • Ample parking space. Each unit has at least 2 private parking spaces. 
  • Intercombi plastic and/or aluminium window frames, including opening window on the first floor, equipped with sufficient ventilation grids and daylight to enable the office function. 
  • Premium Hörmann overhead door, including extra windows in the door for more daylight on the first floor. In combination with glass infill for entrance door and skylight, your unit can be used for a wider variety of purposes. Your overhead door can be optionally equipped with an electric and remote control. Hörmann is a long-standing quality supplier of overhead doors. Future replenishment of parts and service will therefore be guaranteed. 
  • High-quality Accoya wood cladding. Preserved wood architectural vertical slat cladding. With Accoya, durability, low maintenance and aesthetics go hand in hand with a very long life. 
  • NUTS connections installed as standard right up to the meter box, including data. 
  • Fixed positions already drawn in for your advertising messages. 
  • Leading design by Team 2 Studio for the architecture. 

Please contact us for more information.

The units are free of rent and use and has yet to be leased.

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