Asking price
€ 465.000
776 m2

Langestraat 46 & Venne 127, Winschoten, The Netherlands

Property Description

Two rented retail spaces of in total 776.49 m² lettable space located on Langestraat 46 & Venne 127 in the center of Winschoten. It is possible to realize living spaces above the stores. The second floor is approximately 300.02 m² and the second floor approximately 243.02 m².

The property is located between the parallel streets Langestraat and Venne. One retail space terminates at the Langestraat and one at the Venne. The total current rental income of both stores together is € 28,278 per year, plus VAT.

Langestraat 46 concerns a retail space of 141.87 m². The property is currently in leasehold condition and the annual rental income is € 18,378 plus VAT. The expiration date is 1 November 2022.

Venne 127 is 91.67 m² and per 1 March 2021 leased for 5 + 5 years. The annual yield is € 10,200 per year plus VAT.

The Langestraat is the main street of the center of Winschoten and offers accommodation to local, national and international retail chains. The center is easily accessible by public transport and it is possible to park for free around the center.

Possible development

The first and second floor lend themselves to the development into residential spaces. The municipality of Oldtambt is aware of any developments. The municipality of Oldtambt has indicated in advance that a living space must be approximately 70 m², with a minimum of two bedrooms. Contact information will be available after completing the NDA.

In mid-2020 the roof on the side of the Venne will be replaced. The roof on Langestraat consists of approximately 75% wooden beams with tiles. This needs to be reinforced and/or replaced in places. The remaining 25% consists of wood with corrugated iron, which will have to be replaced and/or removed when the building is converted into apartments.

The rooms on the Langestraat consist of wooden frames and single glazing. The retail space on the Venne has double glazing. In addition, there are two Velum swing windows on the top floor. The rest consists of wooden frames and single glass. The object has a steel construction.

One tenant intends to rent one upstairs apartment after the renovation. The tenant would like to have an option on this development

Langestraat 46 & Venne 127
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