Asking price
€ 795.000
Rent P.A.
€ 62.819
1,017 m2
7.9 %

Roelvinkstraat 33 & 35, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

Property Description
The property concerns two long-term leased commercial spaces. Roelvinkstraat 33 is rented out to Ekoplaza, has an overhead door on the side of the property and has a total area of ​​approximately 546 m². Roelvinkstraat 35 has recently been rented out to bed specialist House of Beds. The space has an area of ​​approximately 425 m² on the ground floor and 184 m² in the basement.

Winterswijk is very popular and attracts more than 110,000 visitors every week. In the core shopping area of ​​Winterswijk, a very varied range of shops is combined with various catering establishments. The property is easily accessible by both car and public transport.

There is ample parking space in the immediate vicinity. There is a parking prohibition zone in the center of Winterswijk, you can only park in the designated parking spaces. There is a very spacious parking lot at the rear of the object in question.

The property is fully rented. The total basic rent is EUR 62.819,- 

For detailed information regarding the above proposition, please refer to the contents of this Investment Memorandum and the online data room. The data room is accessible after signing the confidentiality statement sent by us.
Roelvinkstraat 33 & 35
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