7944 Jacks Club Drive, Reunion, United States of America

Property Description

Multiple types of estate homes located on a resort in Reunion, just under Orlando and by car just a five minute drive from Walt Disney World Florida. 

These homes vary from five up to thirteen bedrooms. This investment is suitable for semi-permanent stay, to rent out or a combination of both. Renting out is possible for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. The homes will be constructed on plots of up to 2.000 square meters.

On the resort you will find a club house, park, golf course and a fitness-room. Just outside the gate, additional restaurants, golf courses, water parks, tennis courts, playgrounds and more are just minutes away.

Please contact us for more information. 

Other Information

Florida, Verenigde Staten
Inwoners Florida: ca. 19.890.000
Oppervlakte Florda: ca. 170.451 km²

7944 Jacks Club Drive
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